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 Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) 



The goal is to intervene before there is a significant problem.

Once a person of concern is brought forward, the BIT team meets and brings together services that can assist the student in need.

If you decide to talk to an individual about your concerns, remember to pay special attention to:

  • PRIVACY: Talk in private when you and the student have time and are not preoccupied.
  • HONESTY: Be frank about your concerns, sharing what you observe without judging.
  • LIMITS: Be clear about the limits of your ability to help, and make sure the student understands that you can help them get the support they need.

Is there a student you are concerend about?  To refer them to Student Intervention Services, please click here.

If this is an immediate concern and or the person is a danger to themselves or others, please contact the SRU Police Department at 724-738-3333 as they are available 24/7.


"Your call says you care!"


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