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 Student Code of Conduct 



Members of the Slippery Rock University community have developed a set of expectations for student behavior.

These expectations are contained in the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Code of Conduct outlines the rights and responsibilities of all students, and it provides a fair process to evaluate and respond to allegations of misconduct.

All students should read and be familiar with the expectations set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.



Slippery Rock University is an academic community given meaning through the mutual respect and trust of individuals who learn, teach, and work within it.  Students of Slippery Rock University are entitled to certain rights and privileges which will be protected through fair and orderly processes and which are best safeguarded when each student acts in a responsible manner.  The purpose of this Student Code of Conduct is, therefore, to establish standards for students and a method to fairly assess student behavior according to those standards.  All students of the University community are equally entitled to the protection of this document. All communication from this office is transmitted electronically to all students through their Slippery Rock University assigned email address.

This document replaces and supersedes the previous Student Code of Conduct and conduct procedures.  However, all other University regulations and policies will remain in effect.  Records created or sanctions imposed under previous documents will be continued as specified at the time of creation. Omission in any provisions of this Student Code of Conduct shall not result in invalidating or voiding the provision.  All provisions will remain valid and be upheld within the clear intent and spirit of this Student Code of Conduct.

The Student Code of Conduct is published in its entirety, copies may be obtained in the Office of Student Conduct, 008 Old Main or on this website.

The Assistant Vice President for Student Services, or designee, may alter the procedures outlined in this document as needed for cause.  All time limitations specified in this document may be altered at the discretion of the Assistant Vice President for Student Services, or designee, as circumstances require.  When altering time limitations, the Assistant Vice President, or designee, will attempt to complete adjudication procedures as soon as is reasonably possible to provide a fair and complete hearing.  Individuals involved in University disciplinary action, including students allegedly in violation and witnesses, should notify the Assistant Vice President for Student Services of any circumstances requiring alteration of time limitations.

The Student Code of Conduct contains the following sections:
Definitions                                   Procedures
Jurisdiction                                  Rights/Responsibilites
Sanctions                                    Alcohol and Other Drugs 
Appeals                                       Records              
Release of Information               

Drug Free School Policy                 








Victim Resources

Referral Report

Sexual Assault Resources (Title IX)

Leigh Ann Datt

Administrative Assistant:
Carrie Kerr

Graduate Assistant:
Tasha Roberts

008 Old Main
Slippery Rock, PA 16057


E-mail messages sent from the office of student conduct to students through university assigned e-mail addresses will constitute an official means of communication.

All correspondence regarding incidents will be communicated through the student's SRU e-mail address.

Correspondence involving incidents may also come from the office of residence life. It is the student's responsibility and obligation to access and respond to official university e-mail correspondence.