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 Student Life Assessment 



The Division of Student Life is a core contributor to the university’s vision of excelling as a caring community of lifelong learners connecting with the world. The vision of the Division of Student Life is to provide exceptional student leadership and student learning opportunities and services as part of a premier public residential university through the visible integration of academic and student life experiences. The mission of the Division of Student Life is to facilitate the transformation of students through purposefully designed co-curricular experiences, environments, and services that advance student learning and student leadership while providing students with the skills to be successful, responsible and engaged members of diverse communities in a global society.

The Division of Student Life has adopted a comprehensive plan for integrating assessment into the structural and procedural fabric of the division: 

Student Life Assessment Plan

All Student Life departments carry out annual assessment plans to gather data and evaluate program participation, quality of services, and student learning outcomes. Emphasis on each of the specific assessment areas is dependent on the departmental mission and purpose within the areas of Student Services or Student Development. 

Student Life Department Assessment Reports