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 About What Should I Be Concerned?  



Characteristics of "Students in Need of Assistance":

  • Financial troubled
  • Emotionally distressed
  • Student in crisis /distressed

Characteristics of "Students of Concern"

  • Habitual requests for special treatment (extensions for homework, tardy papers, postponed examinations, etc)
  • Marked decrease of enthusiasm for the class (no-longer participating in class discussions, choosing a seat in the back of the classroom)
  • Missing examinations and/or assignments
  • Quality of and/or quantity of work have evident attrition
  • Absenteeism from class or group work
  • Irate or threatening emails/correspondence to staff or faculty with unreasonable demands
  • Visible bruising, lacerations, burns, or cuts
  • Chemically altered state by alcohol intoxication, illegal drug-use, or prescription drug-abuse (glassy-eyed, smelling of alcohol, hung-over)
  • Striking changes in weight (losses and gains)
  • Poor hygienic habits
  • Fellow students voicing concern about a student (in residence halls, clubs, or classes)
  • States of dramatic energy changes (mania and despair) or rapid vacillation between levels
  • Articulation of hopelessness, anxiety, suicidal themes, or death/dying
  • Statements indicating familial problems, financial distress, or other difficulties

If a student is showing signs of suicidal ideation, expressing thoughts of self-harm it is vital to get the student connected into the appropriate resources.  If this is an immediate concern, please contact University Police at 724-738-3333 as they are available 24/7.