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 ARC Risk Management 




The use of the Aebersold Student Recreation Center requires the participants to assume a degree of risk. Recreational facilities have inherent dangers and therefore require participants to assume this risk, responsibility and to exercise common sense in the use of the facility for their own protection. Completion of a medical history/ waiver form is mandatory for all users of the ARC prior to admittance to activity areas. A physical exam and/or doctor's permission is encouraged prior to starting a physical fitness program.

  1. When an accident/incident occurs in the ARC, the Campus Recreation Team member on duty must be alerted so they can take charge and implement the appropriate procedure.
  2. If necessary, contact Campus Police at extension 3333
  3. First Aid Supplies are located at the Welcome Center, the RWFC, the pool office, the Campus Recreation office, the Gym A, 146 office and Gym B.
  4. An Ice machine is located in the Catering/Kitchen area
  5. Document all injuries on the Accident/Incident form that involve the application of ice and submit the form to the Office of Campus Recreation.
  6. Accident/Incident Reports are located on a clipboard at each first aid supply location.
  7. Secure the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses.
  8. If involved, assist University Police in completing Accident/Incident Reports.
  9. If the accident involves an injury, the appropriate procedures are as follows:
  10. Protect the victim.
  11. Stop all activity in the immediate area of the victim.
  12. Keep the victim in a position best suited to the injury.
  13. Do not leave the victim alone.
  14. Enlist the help of bystanders.
  15. Use good judgment in assessing the injury
  16. If it is questionable that the injury may require treatment by a trained medical professional (i.e. broken bone, a laceration, concussion, etc.), immediately contact University Police.
  17. Remain in charge until the victim is turned over to qualified personnel, can take care of him/herself, or is placed in the care of a responsible third party (i.e. parent, guardian, etc.).
  18. If there is a question concerning the seriousness of an injury, University Police are to be contacted immediately in order to assist the individual and limit liability on the part of SRU & the Office of Campus Recreation personnel.
  1. In the event of a discipline problem, never get involved in a physical altercation with a patron.
  2. In the event of non-cooperation or physical threats, contact University Police immediately.
  3. Complete an accident/incident report on all incidents you are involved with and submit it immediately to the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation. Make a copy of the report for the Director and the professional team member responsible for the specific area/program
  4. Fights:
  5. 1. In the event of a physical altercation between participants or abuse of employees, ASK and then tell the offender(s) to leave the premises.
    2. If the offender(s) refuses to leave, call the University Police to report the situation.
    3. Above all, DO NOT become physically involved.
  1. If anyone is caught stealing or destroying SRU property, request their ID and call the University Police.
  3. Write a good physical description and provide all information to the police upon their arrival.
  4. Complete an incident report for thefts/vandalism reported by patron or staff.
  5. Robbery: In the event of an attempt to rob one of the registers or the safe, the safety of the employees and the patrons has the highest priority. DO NOT RESIST!
  1. In case of fire or other emergency, alarms will sound throughout the building.
  2. Exit the ARC through the nearest door (alarm doors will automatically open when the fire alarm is activated).
  3. Any Campus Recreation team member or University Police Officer may give evacuation instructions.
  4. Fire alarms and extinguishers are located throughout the building.
  5. Emergency call boxes are located in Gym A on the wall between courts 2 and 3 and on the track in the stretching area.
  6. Do not use the elevator in an emergency situation involving fire alarms.
  7. The Campus Recreation team, students and patrons may not re-enter the building until instructed to do so
  8. Re-entry must be through the entry doors of the main lobby

Recreational facilities have inherent dangers and therefore require participants to assume this risk, responsibility and to exercise common sense in the use of the facility for their own protection.

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