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 Aebersold Student Recreation Center General Policies & Procedures 



Aebersold Student Recreation Center (ARC) Policies & Procedures

  • ARC General Policies, pg. 1
  • ARC General Policies, pg. 2
  • ARC General Policies, pg. 3
  • Aquatic Center
  • Climbing Wall
  • Fitness Mezzanine
  • Gym A   
  • Gym B
  • Russell Wright Fitness Center
  • RPM Room & Track
  • Risk Managment

    McFarland Recreational Sports Complex (MAC) Policies and Procedures

    A.    Facility Access

    1.    SRU students have first priority for Informal Recreation play

    2.    Non SRU Groups are permitted to use facilities for  Informal Recreation play after SRU students

    3.    Scheduled events take precedence over Informal Recreation play

    4.    To secure facilities, all groups must reserve facilities with the Office of Campus Recreation

    5.    Reservations/Rentals questions call Campus Recreation at 724.738-4895/4800

    B.    Parking permitted in designated areas only

    C.    The following are PROHIBITED:

    1.    Alcohol

    2.    Golf

    3.    Batting/kicking balls into fencing

    4.    Metal cleats

    5.    Batting practice on multi-sport fields

    6.    Baseball batting practice

    D.    Pets must be on leash

    E.    Dispose of litter properly

    F.    Facility closed December 1-March 1

    G.    Access prohibited when RED FLAG IS FLYING

    H.   In case of emergency contact Campus Police at 724.738.3333 (DO NOT DIAL 911)

    I.    Hockey Rink/Basketball Court Schedule of Play

    1.    Noon-3 p.m. Half court hockey and basketball  

    2.    3-5 p.m. Hockey full court

    3.    5-7 Basketball full court 

The ARC was a 2000 recipient of the Athletic Business Facility of Merit award.


ARC Hours

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Aebersold Student
Recreation Center (ARC)

ARC Academic Year Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 6am - 11pm
Fri: 6am - 9pm
Sat: 9am - 9pm
Sun: Noon - 9pm

Play is prohibited at the MAC (McFarland Recreational Sports Complex) when the RED FLAG is flying. The MAC will be closed from December 1-March 1.

When the University is on a 2 hour delay due to weather, the ARC will not open up until 10:00 a.m..