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 Disc Golf Course 



The McFarland Recreational Sprots Complex now includes a 18 hole Disc Golf Course.  The original nine holes opened at the start of the 2010 fall semester.  The course is available to students, faculty/staff, alumni and the general public.  Visitor parking passes are available at the Parking Office located in the University Union.  Passes are required weekdays from 8 a.m.-4 p.m..  Those without a SRU parking permit need to obtain a visitor's pass from Campus Police office located on Kiester Road. SRU will hso the 2015 World Disc Golf Championships in Agustu of 2015.

Click on Disc Golf course to view a map of the course.

Course Information
Hole 1:
Par 3- Tees directly North of Building F, basket going up hill.
Hole 2: Par 4- Tees on the hill behind Building F, basket directly South by the woods.
Hole 3: Par 3- Walk West across parking lot. Tees North of the pond, basket by willow tree.
Hole 4: Par 3- Tees by walking path bridge along the stream next to the ARC, basket South next to the pond.
Hole 5: Par 4- Tees next to the ARC, basket North around the soccer field.
Hole 6: Par 5- Walk across the Stadium parking lot. Start on the hill left of the Stadium. Basket up hill, around the fence.
Hole 7: Par 3- Tees on the very top of the hill and basket is directly North on ridge above rugby field.
Hole 8: Par 4- Tees East of rugby field, runs North parallel to Harmony Rd, basket close to new Intramural Fields.
Hole 9: Par 3- Tees East from hole 8, basket down hill South of climbing tower and North of LRC.