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 Intramural Sports Champions  



Each semester thousands of Slippery Rock University students continue to play their favorite sports, enhance their sports skills, develop new friendships, build their leadership skills, and relieve stress while just HAVING FUN playing Intramural Sports. Entries are divided in Recreation, Intermediate and Competitive Leagues for both genders and Co Rec.  Playoffs are not conducted nor are awards issued in Recreation Leagues, just the opportunity to participate in an organized league.  Intermediate league team winners receive a T-shirt and Competitive League teams pursue the traditional Slippery Rock University Intramural Sports Championship Mug.  Regardless of the league, all participants receive the ultimate sports reward-FUN!!!

2013-2014 Intramural Sports Champions
 2014 Spring Semester Champions

Inline Hockey~Naylor Gang

Co Rec T-Shirt Champs~Team Jones

Women's Mug~Team Bucci

CoRe Mug~RockSquad

Men's T-Shirt~Cardiac Pack

Men's Mug~Easy Threezy

2013 Fall Semester Champions

Flag Football Mug League~No Speed Limit

Flag Football T-Shirt League~Victorious Secret

Flag Football CoRec~DPT

Floor Hockey~LOU Tang Clan

Soccer Co Rec Mug League~Balls 8

Soccer T-Shirt League~Kickers

Soccer Co Rec T-Shirt~Hump Day Heroes


Indoor Soccer Co Rec Mug League~Balls 9

Indoor Soccer Co Rec T-Shirt League~Ex Sci

Indoor Soccer Men's T-Shirt League~Hacerio Para Bolivia

Indoor Soccer Men's Mug League~Hitmen

Volleyball Co Rec Mug League~Markie's Mob

Volleyball Co Rec T-Shirt league~Team Jones

Volleyball Men's T-Shirt League~Braves

Volleyball Women's Mug League~Volley Dollies

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Play is prohibited at the MAC (McFarland Recreational Sports Complex) when the RED FLAG is flying. The MAC will be closed from December 1-March 1.

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