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 Facility Supervisor Job Description 



I. Job Summary

The Facility Supervisor is responsible for the smooth operation of the Aebersold Student Recreation Center (ARC) primarily during weekday early morning and evening hours as well as, throughout the weekend hours. This person must be knowledgeable of all policies of the Campus Recreation operation and make decisions based on previous experience, general philosophy and mission of the facility and program. This person has the authority to make exceptions to the policies and procedures based upon the Office of Campus Recreation philosophy and mission, and considering specific details of a situation. The Building Supervisor supervises all other student employees in the absence of professional team members, represents the policies and rules of the center and is a general “trouble-shooter” within the facility. The Building Supervisor will work directly with members and guests providing courteous, friendly and professional assistance.

II. Job Relationship
A. Responsible to: Campus Recreation Director
B. Supervised by: Assistant Campus Recreation Director and graduate assistant

III. Responsibilities
A. Supervision of overall facility during early morning, evening and weekend hours of operation.
B. Open and secure facilities.
C. Knowledge of philosophical foundation of the Campus Recreation program and ARC.
D. Knowledge of operational policies and procedures.
E. Awareness of all student personnel team job descriptions.
F. Maintain positive public relations and rapport with program participants and facility users.
G. Serves as the ambassador between the Office of Campus Recreation and its patrons.
H. Knowledge and application of equipment set up/take down procedures and its proper storage.
I. Perform functions of other employees, in their absence, or secure additional assistance.
J. Frequent inspection of sport equipment and facilities.
K. Perform general maintenance/custodial functions.
L. Coordinate emergency procedures or provide first aid in emergency situations.
M. Other duties as assigned.

IV. Position Qualifications
A. Supervisory experience preferred.
B. Standard First Aid and CPR certification must be current at the time of hire.

V. General
A. Promote ROCK PRIDE in spirit and in action.
Attend mandatory Staff Meeting and Staff Training.

Building Supervisor Opening and Closing Responsibilities
A. Closing details
1. Turn out lights @:
a. Stretching area
b. Gym B Spectator area
c. Men’s Locker Room shower room and vanity areas
d. Women’s Locker Room shower room and vanity areas
2. Security
a. Lock all exterior doors
b. Lock the doors leading from each locker room to the Aquatic Center
c. Lock the doors from the concourse to the Aquatic Center
d. Close and lock the equipment room door
e. Secure the office suite doors
3. Finances
a. Close out the cash register at the Welcome Center
b. Deposit money in the small safe
4. Miscellaneous
a. Check that there is no water left on in the rest rooms and shower rooms.

B. Training
1. Pa. System training
2. Perimeter doors
3. Cash register
4. Lighting Stereo Sys.
5. Pool & Fit. Operations
6. Knowledge of all facility policies and procedures

Provide leadership, give guidance and promote good work habits.

The Facility Supervisor must be an experienced staff member familiar with recreation center operations, proficient in the use of Class Software System and have successful leadership skills.

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