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 Intramural Sports Official Job Description  



I. Job Summary

This position is primarily responsible for implementing the rules of the game.

II. Job Relationship
A. Responsible to: Coordinator of Intramural Sports
B. Supervised by: Intramural Graduate Assistant/Intern

III. Responsibilities
A. Game Rules
1. Knowing the local and national rules for the sport scheduled to officiate.
2. Apply rules of the game fairly, firmly and consistently.

B. Game Management
1. Collect ID’s from student participants.
2. Maintain score sheets.
3. Operate game clock.
4. Monitoring and communicating the game score throughout the contest to both teams.

C. Protest and forfeits
a. Follow the established procedures and document the situation.
b. Report any problems immediately to the Site Supervisor.

D. Disciplinary Action
1. Prevent and/or resolving disputes or confrontations that may arise during the contest.
2. Take disciplinary action against players who exhibit continual unsportsmanlike conduct, provoke fights or are a danger to other players or a discredit t the program.
3. Complete or assist in completing incident form.

E. Equipment
1. Distribute and collect equipment.
2. Officials will be held financially responsible for any equipment they are responsible for that is lost or damaged.

F. Accidents and Incident
1. Play a leading role in attending to any accidents or incidents that occur.
2. Complete or assist in completing accident form.
G. Other duties as assigned.

IV. Expectations
A. Complete official’s training.
B. Be on time for games assigned.
C. Follow through with assigned games and complete responsibilities.
D. Hustle to be in position to make the best call.
E. Being alert, quick and decisive when making calls.

V. Position Qualifications
A. Prior officiating experience preferred not required.
B. Willingness to learn sports rules and officiate.

VI. General
N. Promote ROCK PRIDE in spirit and in action.
O. Attend mandatory Staff Meeting and Staff Training.

The Intramural Sports program is constantly on the lookout for officials.  No experience is necessary as the department will prepare officials prior to the start of each IM sports season. Students often migrate from officiating to other Campus Recreation student employee positions.

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