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 Membership Information 



Membership Category Definitions
SRU Affiliates: Currently
enrolled SRU students, their parents or, if married, their spouse/dependent family, SRU faculty/staff, their spouse and family. Current SRU Alumni must show current Alumni Association card to secure purchase of SRU Affiliate memberships. SRU graduates that paid the Recreation Center fee during their college career (Fall 1994-Fall 1999) will receive pre-paid status until balance is depleted.
: Available to general public not affiliated with SRU.
Senior Adults: If retired and or over 62- Identified as senior citizens by the university. Note: Grandchildren are not included in any membership category. 

Membership Classification
Combination: Joint
memberships for two adults or adult with dependent age 13 and older living in the same household.  Includes Kid’s Card privileges for dependent family member ages 12 and younger. 
Family Memberships: Families with more than 2 adults age 18 or older and/or dependent family member age 13 and older living in same household.  Includes “Kid’s Card” privileges for dependent children ages 12 and younger.  Grandparents are not included in this membership. Please note that Youth Hours apply to the youth of Family Members. 
Teen (Ages 13-17):
Teen membership in the SRU Affiliate or community categories.  Please note that Youth Hours apply to Teen Members.
Parent/guardian must purchase initial membership, provide teen’s proof of age and complete medical history waiver.
Kid’s Card (Age 12 and under):
Dependent youth of ARC Members are issued a Kid’s Card to allow ARC access during Youth and Teen hours with appropriate supervision.  Age 9 and under require parent/guardian direct supervision at all times. Children age 12 and under cannot participate in Group Exercise classes. 
Children Ages 2 and Younger: FREE ARC Access during Youth and Teen Hours when accompanied by a parent, adult member or a person with a Daily Guest Pass.

ARC Membership Information
*Picture ID required to purchase membership.
*Picture and documentation confirming age is required.
*Memberships are not transferable, refundable or prorated.
*Payroll Deduction-SRU employees only investing in a minimum of a 3 month membership.
*Memberships may be purchased via phone with appropriate credit card payment (Master Card, VISA, Discover).
*Current waiver forms, account photo and or Key Tag number must be completed upon registration to access ARC.
*Memberships can be purchased during Campus Recreation Office hours listed below.
*Purchase Location-Campus Recreation Office, ARC 117.

ARC Daily Guest Passes
*Guest Pass may be purchased at the Campus Recreation Office, ARC 117 or Welcome Center.
*Photo ID/Driver’s License is REQUIRED for INITIAL purchase. 
Proof of age is required for all purchases.
*Must be 18 or older to purchase a pass/program/course.
*Daily Guest Pass ($8.00 each per day) valid or date of purchase only; not transferable, must present receipt and picture ID for reentry.
*Adult supervision required for youth under age 16 is required.    
*Includes admittance to those days Group Exercise classes.

Medical History/Waiver Forms
*Prior to initiating participation, a Medical History waiver form must be completed when purchasing a membership.
*Daily waiver must be signed for Daily Guest passes. 

The ARC is located on lower campus with ample and convenient parking at the East Lake Lot.  ARC Member parking is East Lake lot ONLY.  Parking pass is REQUIRED for ALL lots on campus.
Parking policies are enforced from 7:30 a-5pm by SRU University Police. Vehicle information is required to receive parking pass, including vehicle plate number, vehicle make model, year, color and state of registration. Slippery Rock University’s public transportation, the “Happy Bus” transports SRU students to the ARC on regular daily routes. 

Facility Access
*SRU students (SRU ID) and ARC Members (ARC Key-tag, including Kid’s Cards), must present their ID at each ARC visit.  Please note: SRU students or patrons without proper ID will not be admitted.
*Campus Recreation programs, services and hours of operation are subject to change based on staffing, maintenance concerns, weather and/or special events. 

Youth and Teen Parameters
*Academic Year Youth and Teen hours are Sunday-Thursday from opening to 7:00 pm. 
outh and Teen hours are not in effect during summer semester and holiday breaks.
*Teens ages 13-15 are not permitted in the RWFC unless enrolled in a program, not even to observe.
*Teens ages 17 and younger cannot purchase Guest Passes or initial membership for themselves until parents ahve signed off on the waiver form.  
*Teens ages under age 16 require parental presence or supervision.    
*Youth privileges allow youth of ARC Members to use the facility with appropriate supervision during Youth Hours.
outh Supervision Requirements:
>Age 10-12: Parent/guardian must be present; direct supervision is not required.
>Age 9 and under: Parent/guardian must provide direct supervision at all times. 

Campus Recreation Office Hours
Weekdays: 8 am-7 pm
Saturdays: 9 am-noon
Sundays: Noon-4 pm

Campus Recreation Program Registrations
Registration deadline is the Thursday before the start of the class.  Advanced registration and payment required.  Private Lessons conducted by outside instructors are PROHIBITED.



A one-day pass that provides facility access to guests or people who do not have a current membership.  Must be 18 years of age to purchase a guest pass for adults or children.


ARC Hours

This Week at the ARC

Upcoming Programs
and Events

Aebersold Student
Recreation Center (ARC)

ARC Academic Year Hours:
Mon-Fri: 6am - 11pm
Sat: 9am - 11pm
Sun: Noon - 11pm

Play is prohibited at the MAC (McFarland Recreational Sports Complex) when the RED FLAG is flying. The MAC will be closed from December 1-March 1.

When the University is on a 2 hour delay due to weather, the ARC will not open up until 8:00 a.m..