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 Mr. & Ms. SRU Bodybuilding/Figure Show 



The annual Mr. & Ms. SRU bodybuilding and Figure Show is organized by the SRU Bodybuilding and Fitness Club (BBFC).  Planning this event is very time consuming, taking great amounts of planning, preparation, and team work.  Competing in the show is an opportunity available to all currently enrolled SRU students.

The BBFC provides an opportunity for students to learn more about figure, fitness and bodybuilding, both at a competitive and noncompetitive level.  Members learn about the human body, nutrition and exercise and are provided opportunities to achieve personal goals.  With the support of the club’s members, fellow students, family and friends, these personal goals are very achievable. 
A growing number of resources are available to members.  Resources include a library of figure, fitness and body building magazines, guest speakers, information via mail, SRU Exercise Science Faculty, and contact with other current/past club members who have had personal experiences in competitive and noncompetitive levels of training.  Many competitors enter the SRU Show as novices.  The club provides all competitors with professional posing practices to improve their stage presence and brings in professionals to answer many questions during the many vigorous weeks of dieting and training. 
Each year the club hopes to expand its membership, provide additional opportunities to assist students to achieve their personal goals and expand their knowledge of the human body and the sport of bodybuilding, figure and fitness. 

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 criteria of the competitors.

2013 Mr. & Ms. SRU Show-Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2013 Mr. & Ms. SRU Show.  A total of 58 participates engaged in the competition.  The results were as follows:
Closed Bantamweight: Josh Miller
Closed Lightweight: Jim Grafe
Closed Middleweight: Chris Decker
Closed Heavyweight: Alex Truman
Overall Closed Men's Bodybuilding Winner (Mr. SRU Bodybuilding): Alex Truman

Overall Closed Men's Physique Bodybuilding Winner (Mr. SRU Physique): Grant Baron 

Overall Closed Women's Figure Winner (Ms. SRU Figure): Kaila Kramer

Overall Closed Women's Bikini Winner (Ms. SRU Bikini): Taylor Koch


2011 Mr. & Ms. SRU
Figure Show Champions

Mr. SRU: Adam Tannehill
Ms. SRU: Tia Angle

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