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 Mr. & Ms SRU Judging Criteria 



Men's Bodybuilders are judged on the overall quality of their muscular development.  Judging is based upon the presentation of five components:
1. Definition
2. Mass
3. Proportion
4. Stage presence
5. Symmetry. 

Women's Figure competitors emphasis is placed on the body’s aesthetics and the competition presentation of the female’s physique. 
Figure Competition requirements:
Competitors are required to compete in both a one piece and two piece suits in two different rounds and high heels are worn. 


Figure scoring sis based on five components:
1. Body Shape-how the muscle groups are shaped.  Judges look for well rounded muscle groups that are pleasing to the eye, condition of the skin and tone and the athlete’s ability to present her with confidence, poise and grace.
2. Muscle Tone-muscles should have a round and conditional appearance with a small amount of body fat.  The key words for judges it keep in mind are “physically fit’.  Too much muscle along with excess body fat and water retention will cause a reduction in score.
3. Stage Presence-appearance, charisma, professionalism.
4. Swim Suit-the athlete’s swim suit should enhance her physique in an appealing presentation.  Any swim suit not in good taste will negatively affect scoring.
5. Symmetry-the balance of how all of the muscles are grouped together.  Judges look for proportion of the competitor’s physique.  Excessive muscles are discouraged. 

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