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 2015 Summer Special Events 



Campus Recreation will begin hosting Slippery Rock Park & Recreation youth swim instructions in June 2015. Registration will be conducted through the park. Contact 724.794.8180.

Slippery Rock Area Parks & Recreation

General Information
*Registrations will be conducted through the Slippery Rock Park, call 724.794.8180
All classes will now be held at the ARC (Aebersold Recreation Center.) 
*Parking passes required for all classes held before 4:00PM. 
*Pre-registration only. No registrations taken over the phone or without payment. 
*All fees are non-refundable unless class is cancelled. 
* Park reserves the right to set minimum and maximum class size. 
* Class registration MUST be submitted one week prior to the start of the class. 
*All make-up classes are scheduled by the park office.

* Parents MUST be with their child/ children at all times.
Children are ONLY allowed in the locker room/pool area.
Children ARE NOT permitted to wander in any part of this facility.

Resident Fee: $21.00
Non-Resident Fee: $25.20

Session I     4 Weeks
June 8 – June 29
SCS 1 Water Babies 5:00-5:30PM
SCS 2 Pre-Begin 5:30-6:10PM
SCS 3 Begin 6:10-6:50PM
SCS 4 Advanced Begin 6:10-6:50PM
SCS 5 Intermediate/Adv. Swim 6:10-6:50PM

Session I I     4 Weeks
July 6 – July 27
SCS 6 Water Babies 5:00-5:30PM
SCS 7 Pre-Begin 5:30-6:10PM
SCS 8 Begin 6:10-6:50PM
SCS 9 Advanced Begin 6:10-6:50PM
SCS 10 Intermediate/Adv. Swim 6:10-6:50PM

Resident Fee: $41.00
Non-Resident Fee: $48.20

June 22– July 2
SCS 11 Pre-Begin 10:00-10:40AM
SCS 12 Begin 10:40-11:20AM
SCS 13 Advanced Begin 11:20-12:00PM
SCS 14 Intermediate/Adv. Swim 11:20-12:00PM

July 6 – July 16
SCS 15 Pre-Begin 10:00-10:40AM
SCS 16 Begin 10:40-11:20AM
SCS 17 Advanced Begin 11:20-12:00PM
SCS 18 Intermediate/Adv. Swim 11:20-12:00PM

July 20 – July 30
SCS 19 Pre-Begin 10:00-10:40AM
SCS 20 Begin 10:40-11:20AM
SCS 21 Advanced Begin 11:20-12:00PM
SCS 22 Intermediate/Adv. Swim 11:20-12:00PM

Swim lessons for all ages, skill levels and for anyone requiring special accommodations. Individual instruction. More than one lesson may occur at a time. Times may vary. Schedule subject to change

Resident Fee: $53.00
Non-Resident Fee: $62.60
4:00-4:30 4:30-5:00 5:00-5:30
Choose 1 time slot per 4 week session!!!
P1 June 8—June 29
P2 July 6—July 27

Monday – Thursday, Time slots  9:00-9:30 9:30-10:00
You pick the week!!
Choose 1 time slot per 4 day session!!!
P3 June 22—June 25
P4 June 29—July 2
P5 July 6—July 9
P6 July 13—July 16
P7 July 20—July 23
P8 July 27–July 30

Water Babies-
(Parent & Infant)
6 mths-3 yrs.—Designed to encourage water exploration. Parents will learn a variety of support and holding techniques to help child feel more comfortable in the water. Children will practice supported front and back floats, arm and leg movements, breath control and water exploration through songs and games.

Pre-Begin-(Pre-Aqua-Level 1)
3 & up—Designed for children with little or no water experience. Skills included are blowing bubbles, retrieving submerged objects, assisted front & back float, front & back glides, front & back alternating arm and leg action, symmetrical back arm and leg action, changing direction, jumping into the water, calling for help and personal safety.

Begin-(Level 2)
3 & up who passed Pre-begin or instructor approval
Building on Pre-Begin, children at this level will continue with those skills in order to develop them into Front Crawl, Back Crawl and Elementary Backstroke. Also included: independent floating and glides, bobbing, rhythmic breathing and turning over. Personal safety and simple reaching assists will be introduced.

Advanced Begin-(Level 3)
Passed Begin or instructor approval
Enter deep water by jumping in, submerge and retrieve an object in chest deep water, deep water floating on front and back, diving from a seated or kneeling position, tread water, front and back glide using two different kicks, front crawl with rotary breathing, back crawl, backstroke, and perform help and huddle position.

Intermediate-(Level 4)
Passed Advanced Begin or instructor approval
Emphasis at this level includes building strength and endurance while perfecting known strokes. Also included: treading water, surface dives, scissor and dolphin kicks and headfirst entry into deep water. Personal safety includes diving safety, throwing assists and self-rescue.

Advanced Swimmer-(level 5 &)
Passed Intermediate or instructor approval
This level works on perfecting the 6 basic strokes and distance swimming. Also included are flip turns and shallow dives. Personal safety focuses on safety around water and the importance of first aid and CPR.  



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