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 Campus Recreation Advisory Council 




This organization shall be known as the Campus Recreation Advisory Council.

The Campus Recreation Advisory Council (the Council) is a recommending body and, as such, shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Director and staff of the Office of Campus Recreation.  It shall serve as a means of communication between the departmental staff and program participants, and provide a means for input from Slippery Rock University students and faculty/staff, alumni and community ARC members. 

The Advisory Council's composition includes fourteen (14) designated representatives plus the Campus Recreation Team serving in an ex-officio capacity.
A. Designated Representatives and Alternates (voting)
     1. Director of Campus Recreation: Chairperson (1)
  2. One faculty representative from each of the following academic programs:
      a. Sport Management  (1)
      b. Exercise Science (1)
      c. Physical Education (1)
      d. Parks, Recreation and Environmental Education (1)
  3. The current president, or their designee from each of the following student
      a. Student Government Association (SGA) (1)
      b. Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS) (1)
      c. Student Union for Minority Affairs (SUMA) (1)
      d. Inter Fraternity Council (IFC) (1)
      e. Pan Hellenic Council (PH) (1)
      f. Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) (1) – Total six (6)
  4. Faculty/Staff ARC Member (1)
  5. Community ARC Member (1)
  6. Campus Recreation Student Employee Team Member (1)
  7. Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting)
      a. Assistant Director of Campus Recreation
      b. Coordinator of Recreational Programming
      c. Coordinator of Wellness/RWFC
      d. Coordinator of Aquatic Operations and Programs
      e. Coordinator of Recreational Sports

Ad-hoc Committee Structure
  1. All committees created will include a minimum of one council member
      and/or one professional staff member appointed by the council chairperson.
  2. Ad-hoc committees may be formed at the discretion of the majority of the advisory council.  Ad-hoc committees will serve as recommending bodies to the advisory council.
  3.  All committees are coordinated by the council chairperson who is an ex-officio member of each committee.  Committee chairs shall keep the council chairperson informed of their committee's progress.

C. The council meeting attendance is limited to council members only.  The exceptions are guests invited by the council chairperson.

A. Functions/Responsibilities of Advisory Council Members shall:
  1. Represent Campus Recreation program participants within their respective areas.
  2. Recommend policies/procedures pertaining to:
      a. Campus Recreation programs and services, and operations.
      b. Campus Recreation program content and direction.
      c. ARC utilization and eligibility.
      d. The overall Campus Recreation operation.
      e. Advise the Campus Recreation Team of participant/customer concerns.
      f. Vote on matters brought before the Council. 
      g. Attend scheduled Council meetings. 

·         Council members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.  If a council member cannot attend a meeting, they are expected to inform the council chairperson in advance of the meeting to receive an excused absence.

·         Two unexcused absences from council meetings can result in removal of that individual from the advisory council by a majority vote of a quorum of the council.  The council will then appoint a replacement by majority vote of a quorum.

·         A minimum of two meetings per semester will be conducted during the academic year.

      h. Performing other duties as requested by the council.
      i. Campus Recreation programs and services will be reviewed annually by the Advisory Council and a report with any recommendations forwarded 
         to the Assistant Vice President for Student Services and the Vice President
         for Student Life.

B.  The Director of Campus Recreation shall:
  1. Schedule all meetings.
  2. Preside over all council meetings, and have authority to convene special 
      meetings when necessary.
  3. Have non-voting status, except in cases of tie votes and council elections.
  4. Establish meeting agendas.
  5. Appoint ad-hoc committee chairs.
  6. In conjunction with the Campus Recreation Team, consider all council
      recommendations and take appropriate actions.

C.  Sport Management, Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Parks,
     Recreation and Environmental Education faculty representatives.    
  1. Ideally will be active members of the ARC.
  2. Shall provide input from their professional perspectives.
  3. Shall be appointed by the chairperson of their respective department.

D. The current president or their designee of SGA, ARHS, SUMA, IFC, Pan 
    Hellenic and SAAC.
  1. Shall be an active student member of the organization.
  2. Shall represent all participants from within their respective constituency.
  3. Shall be appointed by the student organization they represent.
  4. If no member is appointed after a written request to do so, is forwarded to
      the organizational president of record, an individual from that organization
      shall be selected and appointed by the council chairperson.

E. Faculty/Staff ARC Member and Community ARC Member.
  1. Shall be an annual member of the ARC.
  2. Shall represent all participants from within their respective constituency.
  3. Shall be appointed by the Assistant Vice President of Student Services
      responsible for Campus Recreation.

F. Campus Recreation Student Employee Team Member
  1. Shall be a minimum of a second year member of the Campus Recreation
      Student Employee Team.
  2. Shall represent all participants from within their respective constituency.
  3. Shall be appointed by the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation.

A.  Faculty/Staff ARC Member, and Community ARC Member shall serve two-year terms, which begin at the first Council meeting of the fall semester and conclude on the final day of classes in the spring semester.

B.  Appointments to the following year’s council will be identified by the final meeting of the spring semester.

C.  Campus Recreation Student Employee Team Member, if available, can serve a maximum of two consecutive one-year terms.

D.  When positions are vacated prior to the conclusion of their term, successors will be appointed following the original appointment process.

A.  Each of the fourteen (14) representatives has equal voting privileges and shall have one vote.

B.  A majority vote of the members present (minimum of 8 members required) carries any issue in all Council business action.

The Council may recommend, by a two-thirds majority vote of the fall council (14 members), additional by-laws, which are consistent with this constitution.

A. The Council may recommend an amendment to this constitution by a two-thirds majority vote of the full council (14 Members).

B. Any amendment(s) shall be proposed two weeks in advance of the meeting at which it will be considered.  Amendments must be submitted in writing to the council chairperson to be placed on the agenda.

The Advisory Council shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order unless said document is in conflict with this constitution.

The constitution shall supersede all other documents related to the Aebersold Recreation Center Advisory Board.

Exercise Science:
Dr. Kim Smith

Parks and Rec:
Dr. Dan Dziubek/Bruce Boliver

Phys. Ed.:
Dr. Randy Nichols

Sport Mgt:
Dr. Catriona Higgs

Community ARC Member:
Jeanne McGuire Conlon

Faculty/Staff ARC Member:
Larry McCarthy

Campus Rec. Student Employee:

Student Gov. Assoc.:
Dan Williams

Assoc. Residence Hall Students:
Sarah Hammond

Student Union for Minority Affairs:
Art Adams

Inter Fraternity Council:
Jared Stanley

Pan Hellenic Council: Ashley Wodarek

Student Athlete Advisory Council:
Lauren Rojek

Ex-Officio Members:
Kim Allison
Matt Lobough
Brian Mortimer
Karen Perry
Any Loue
Jim Yeamans

Greg Sferra