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 Equestrian Club Constitution  



Article I: Name
The following organization shall henceforth be called the “Slippery Rock University Equestrian Team.”

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of the Slippery Rock University Equestrian Team is to further develop the skills of horsemanship, as well as sportsmanship, among the Slippery Rock University Community. Also, this organization shall participate in sanctioned Intercollegiate Horse Show Association functions.

Article III: Membership
Membership shall be open to any full time Slippery Rock University student, with a GPA no lower than 2.0, regardless of their riding experience. Applications may be obtained from the team Captain. Active members may participate in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association events. Inactive members may not participate in these events. To compete, a member must be on the team for more than one (1) semester as long as there are over six (6) members.

Article IV: Officers
The Slippery Rock University Equestrian Team shall have a Captain, Co-Captain, Treasurer, and Secretary at all times regardless of the club size. Elections will be held at the end of each semester in preparation for the following semester.

Captain: The Captain shall preside over team meetings, oversee the other officers, and be responsible for the communications with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The Captain is the designated responsible speaker for the organization and represents the organization to the University, if necessary.

Co-Captain: The Co-captain shall act as Captain in the event that the Captain can not do so. Also, the Co-Captain shall assist the Captain as requested by the Captain during the course of the year.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all money transactions into and out of the team accounts. The Treasurer will also be responsible for providing the team with a weekly report of all team accounts at the team meetings.

Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain an active membership roster, maintain an attendance roster, record and read the minutes form the previous meetings and maintain a master schedule of the team member’s lessons.

Points Chairperson: The Points Chairperson will keep a running record of the points acquired at the shows by both team and individual members. The Points Chairperson shall also be responsible for maintaining team member’s placing at shows.

Election: The Officers shall be elected by majority vote by the members of the team. Any active member can nominate another member in good standing to participate in the election. All officers must maintain a GPA of 2.0. In the event that an officer’s GPA should fall below a 2.0 level, a special election shall be held to replace that officer. In the event of an emergency replacement of officers throughout the year, an immediate election will be held.

Article V: Meetings
Meetings can be called at any time by any of member for deemed emergencies. A regular meeting shall be held once every week during show season. Members are required to attend all meetings. If a member cannot attend a meeting, they must notify an officer prior to that meeting.

Article VI: Finances
A club fee of $15.00 is required each semester for all active members. Each active member will receive at least five lessons per semester issued by their chosen trainer. Dues do not include show entry fees, transportation, lodging, or other incurred expenses. Team sponsored fundraisers raise money for other expenses.

Article VII: Code of Conduct
All members of the Slippery Rock University Equestrian Team are representing not only themselves, but both their fellow teammates and the university. Proper etiquette is expected at all times whether at competitions, lessons, meetings, or functions. If this code is broken at any time, disciplinary action will be taken at the discretion of the officers.

Article VIII: Discipline and Expulsion of Members

Illegal Substances: Any team member in the possession or under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, controlled substance, or related items while representing the Slippery Rock University Equestrian Team at a scheduled activity or an Intercollegiate Horse Show Association function, or on the barn premise shall be expelled for the team for the remainder of that school term. The member shall forfeit all membership rights and dues.

Attendance: Active members must attend all scheduled practices and fundraisers unless otherwise excused. If the rider does not have a lesson the week before a show, the rider will forfeit their right to participate in the show.

Article IX: Changes and Amendments to the By-laws
Changes in by-laws may be proposed by any member in good standing in any regular meeting. For the change to be adopted, a majority of current active members must favor the change.

Article X: Advisor
The Advisor of the Slippery Rock University Equestrian Team shall sign all necessary documents to aid the team throughout the semester. The Advisor is not obligated to attend meetings, shows, or practices. The Advisor is chosen by the team and therefore may be replaced at any time throughout the semester pending a majority vote from the team.

Article XI: Point System
The point system is adopted to determine a person’s dedication to the team. This system will be used to determine who can compete when there is a limited number of rides at a show, it will also be a tie-breaker. A record of where the points come from is recorded by the secretary.
All members start with 20 points:
Meetings: Allowed 2 excused absences and/or emergencies.
Missed meeting without notification are docked a point.
Lessons: There is no cancellation or if need be, at least a 24 hour notice with a plausible excuse is mandatory, and all lessons/packages must be paid in full, prior to the start of the lesson.
Shows: Earn a point for attending a show that you are not competing in.
If you sign up and don’t attend an event you are docked a point.
Fundraisers: Earn 1 point per 1 hour for the fundraiser.
If you sign up and don’t attend an event you are docked a point.

*All points are under the discretion of the officers at any given time.

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