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 Ultimate Frisbee Constitution 



Article IUltimate Frisbee clip art
This organization shall be called “Slippery Rock University Ultimate Frisbee” hereafter called SRUUF.

Article II
The purpose of this organization is to gather and organize a diverse, co-ed group of people, and to encourage the formal play of the sport by the UPA Rules of Ultimate.

Article III
Membership to SRUUF is open to students, faculty and staff in the SRU community, without regard to race, age, gender, lifestyle, color, creed, national origin, affection or sexual orientation. The Executive Board positions shall only be held by students and can only be voted upon by students.

Article IV
Section One:
The Executive Board shall be made up of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian. All officers shall be students enrolled at SRU with good academic and judicial standing as defined by the university. The team shall be represented at any completive event by two team captains, the positions of which will be open to any member of the team, including members of the executive board.

Section Two:
The duties of the president shall be, to preside over all meetings, set agendas for meetings, appoint committees, vote in meetings to break ties, serve as the organizations official representative. The president shall have the power to fill any vacancies that occur.

Section Three:
The vice president shall be responsible for the programming of events and competitions, and will assume the duties of the president in his/her absence.

Section Four:
The duties of the secretary shall be, to take minutes of the meetings, maintain current attendance record, maintain a schedule of events, and be the official record keeper for the organization.

Section Five:
The treasure shall be responsible for recording /monitoring all organization funds, present a financial report at each meeting; work with the faculty advisor in all book-keeping issues.

Section Six:
The duties of the parliamentarian are to, maintain an accurate record on all votes taken, be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order, and to make sure that proper parliamentary procedure is observed at each meeting.

Section Seven:
In the case of vacancy in the office of president, the vice president will fill the position until such time that the delegation shall elect a new president. Should a vacancy occur in any other office, the president shall assume those duties until such time that the delegation shall elect a new officer.

Article V
Section One:
The standing committee for the SRUUF shall be the competitions committee.

Section Two:
The competitions committee shall be responsible for organizing one competition a semester at Slippery Rock, and shall register the team for competitions held at other locations. The committee shall report to the vice president. The president shall appoint the chair for the committee.

Article VI
Section One:
The SRUUF retains the right to have at least one advisor. The advisor may be any member of the SRU faculty and/or staff.

Section Two:
The duties of the advisor shall be to advise the executive board on all relevant business, and attend all events that the SRUUF participates in.

Article VII
Amendments to the constitution must be submitted to the parliamentarian for review. This process shall take no longer than three weeks, at which time the parliamentarian shall make a report to the delegation, the delegation shall then vote on the amendments, if a two thirds majority vote is reached the amendment shall pass.

Article VIII
The constitution shall be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of the delegation.

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