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 Cycling Club Constitution  




The Cycling Club brings together cycling enthusiasts on campus to create a network and opportunity for people who are seeking to ride race and learn about bicycles.

Article I—Name

The name of this organization shall be the Cycling Club of Slippery Rock University.

Article II--Purposes
Section I: To develop and foster the interests of students relating to cycling activities.

Section II: To create and promote awareness amongst other students at Slippery Rock University of the benefits of belonging to the Cycling Club.

Section III: To help promote students in their endeavors of becoming better cyclists.

Section IV:
To bring cycling enthusiasts together so that they can learn from one another a variety of cycling and training skills, as well as local areas that are safe to ride at.

Article III—Membership
Membership to the Cycling Club is open to any full-time or part-time, undergraduate or graduate student of Slippery Rock University. The supervision, control, and direction of this organization shall be vested in the Executive Board.

Article IV—Non-Discrimination
The Cycling Cub shall not discriminate in any manner against any person by reason of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, or political affiliation.

Article V—Anti-Hazing
The Cycling Club shall not haze any of its members at any time, will read the Anti-Hazing Policy at the first meeting of each semester, and enforce the Anti-Hazing Policy of Slippery Rock University to the fullest degree.

Article VI—Amendments
Section I: Proposals for amendments may be made only at regular club meetings. An amendment proposal must be submitted to and approved by the Executive Board. Amendment proposals may only be submitted by an active member. Passage of the amendment requires two-thirds of the votes cast.

Section II: By-Laws may be adopted to meet the needs of the Cycling Club by a majority vote of active members present at any regular meeting provided that the proposed By-Law do not conflict with any part of the Charter of this organization or the University of Slippery Rock.

Article VII—Dissolution
Upon dissolution of the Cycling Club, Moraine State Park shall receive all remaining self-sustaining funds of the club. The current faculty advisor at the time of dissolution is entrusted with this position of donating the remaining funds.

Article VIII—Regulation
The Cycling Club is governed by this constitution and By-Laws therein. It is an integral part of the sports clubs at Slippery Rock University.

Article IX-Ratification

Ratification of this Constitution shall be approved by the executive board and passed by two-thirds vote of the active members. Once this constitution is ratified it will become the standing written guidelines and can only be annulled by the dissolution of the organization.

Article I—Officers
The officers of this organization shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Article II—Duties of Officers
Section I: The President of the organization shall act as a chairman of the Executive Board and preside at all meetings of the Cycling Club. The President is responsible for resolving any disputes between the club and other organizations as well as any disputes within the club. The President shall organize the time and place for all club meetings. The President may only vote in the case of a tie.

Section II: The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the president in his/her absence, preside at all club meetings, and assist the president in resolving any disputes between the club and other organizations as well as any disputes within the club.

Section III: The Secretary shall be responsible for the keeping of accurate records of all business and events held at Cycling Club meetings. In addition they shall perform other duties assigned to them by the President and Vice-President. The secretary is also responsible for maintaining a record of member status for each person in the organization.

Section IV: The Treasurer shall report the status of the Cycling Club’s finances at each meeting, file all paperwork that is needed for fund allocation with the Student Governing Association (SGA), and keep a record of all deposits and purchases made by the club.

Section V: These four positions make up the Executive Board. Together they will work to promote the organization, plan social events, plan activities for meetings, and make decisions in the best interest of the organization.

Section VI: Any officer who does not commit to their duties and responsibilities and/or has otherwise not been a positive reflection of the organization can be removed from office by a majority vote of the active members and approval by the Executive Board. Dismissal will take place immediately and the office will be open for replacement at the next club meeting.

Article III—Nominations and Elections
Section I: Elections shall be held no later than the last meeting of each spring semester.

Section II: Any active member of the organization can nominate only active members for an executive board position.

Article IV—Membership
Section I: Any full time or part time, undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at Slippery Rock University with an interest in cycling is eligible to acquire membership to the Cycling Club.

Section II: Active Membership in the Cycling Club of Slippery Rock University is obtained by the doing all of the following:
1. Attends Cycling Club meetings on a regular basis.
2. Actively participates in group activities sponsored or supported by this organization.
3. Presents ideas for future club activities.
4. Is a positive reflection of the organization at all times.

Section III: Active members are entitled to participate in all meetings, events, and will have voting rights. They can also be nominated and elected to office. If one does not meet the previous requirements, their member status will become inactive. An inactive member can be reinstated as an active member once the requirements have been met and the executive board has given its approval.

Article V—Yearly Budget Request
Section I: The Executive Board shall hold a meeting with all active club members to discuss ideas and revisions for the yearly budget and vote on the proposals. A majority of votes is needed for a proposal to be included in the budget request.

Section II: The Executive Board will meet and work together on the final draft of the budget request and shall include all approved proposals from active members. The Executive Board is also responsible for handing the budget request in by its deadline.

Section III: Once the budget request has been approved/dismissed, the Executive Board will hold a meeting to discuss the allocation of funds and reasons made by the SGA.

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