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 Women's Lacrosse Club Constitution  



Article I: Name and AffiliationsW Lacrosse
The name of the organization shall be Women’s Club Lacrosse. This club plays in the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse League, Division One School Club League.

Article II: Objectives and Purpose
The purpose of this club shall be to give female students enrolled at Slippery Rock University the opportunity to learn lacrosse, and play at a competitive level. This club gives an opportunity to gain leadership skills, and work as a team with other students.

Article III: Membership
Membership is open to all female students, regardless of experience with the sport. A QPA of a 2.0 must be maintained to be involved with this club, and no aspiring lacrosse player shall be denied membership to this club. Members must be under the age of 25 to comply with league rules.

Article IV: Officers
Section 1
The officer positions shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 2 Co-Captains.

Section 2
President: Calls and organizes meetings, sets agenda for meeting, maintains relationship with the advisor of the club and Club Sports Office. Serves as representative of the team, and fills out all official paper work to be turned in at the start of the semester.

Section 3
Vice President: Takes over for president in the event that she shall not be present, helps to organize meetings.

Section 4
Secretary: Maintains attendance records, types up paperwork such as phone chains, flyers, and schedules to distribute to the team.

Section 5
Treasurer: Responsible for transferring fundraiser revenue to co-op account in the University Union. Responsible for maintaining budget and responsible for paying referees.

Section 6
Captains: Responsible for teaching the sport of lacrosse to new members, running practices, leading at games, and representing the team at functions involving with the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse League.

Section 7
Vacancies: In the event that an officer is not performing their duties, or they go missing in action, the active members of the club have the right to remove this individual from office. This shall be done by having nominations by the team, and then voted on. Majority wins.

Article V: Faculty Advisor
The faculty advisor must be a full-time employee of the university. Although they are not required to have prior experience with lacrosse, it is appreciated that they support the lacrosse club at games and other functions. They are to serve as a source of knowledge for the officers and members of the lacrosse club.

Article VI: Amendments
The constitution may be changed in the event that the future members of this club wish to do so. The changing of said constitution may be completed with a majority vote. The vote shall be held by the president.

Article VIII: Ratification
This constitution is self-ratifying.

Section 1. Membership
As a member of the Women’s Lacrosse Club, it is members’ duty to attend all practices and games. You are required to give your best effort, and assist in raising funds. In the event a member wishes to remove themselves from the club, it is their responsibility to resign via email or letter to the president, for filing purposes.

Section 2. Fees
Dues may be adjusted at the beginning of each season, depending on how well fundraising efforts have gone over. If a member does not wish to fundraise, then they must provide the minimum in revenue that they did not sell. If payment is late, they will not be able to participate in games until they turn in delinquent funds.

Section 3. Elections
Elections for officers shall be held at the end of each lacrosse season, in the month of May. The voting process will require a nomination of each office. The top 3 individuals nominated the most will then be voted on, after each candidate accepts that they wish to hold the position. Each member may only hold one officer position.

Section 4. Meetings
Attendance to meetings is mandatory. Meetings are held for recruitment in the September, in December to outline the spring season, and in January to touch base. The president shall take attendance and run these meetings.

Section 5. Quorum
In order to make a decision on behalf of the organization, at least 50% of the active membership must vote.

Section 6. Amendment of the By-Laws
Amending of by-laws may be completed by a majority vote. This shall ensure the organization is running smoothly and effectively.

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