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 Martial Arts Club Consitution  



ARTICLE I – NAME AND MISSION Martical Artist standing clip art
Section 1. Name
The name of this organization shall be The Slippery Rock University Martial Arts Club.
Section 2. Mission
The mission of The Martial Arts Club is to promote self-discipline within students, and to create a sense of community amongst members in a variety of Art forms. It will also provide students and members with an outlet to practice and grow in their discipline by teaching and learning from others.
Section 3. Functions
The functions of The Martial Arts Club are:
A. To offer nightly training sessions where students may practice their Martial Art and or train in the arts of others.
B. To discuss and express Martial Art discipline and values.
C. To teach and demonstrate basic Martial Art and self-defense techniques.
D. To model and instill self-discipline, humility, character, integrity, and respect amongst students.
E. To provide a controlled physical and respectful outlet for students.

Section 1. Membership
The Martial Arts Club members shall be chosen in the following manner.
A. Any SRU student may be eligible for membership after attending at least 5 classes, demonstrating the attitude of a martial artist (ie: respect, humility and discipline), and obtaining a majority vote of active members at a meeting.
B. In a club that consists of a variety of martial arts, members must be humble, respect each other’s art, and take direction from others when being instructed. They must not take up a position of superiority, put down any other member who is instructing, or correct their instruction.
C. Dismissal of any member (including officers) will be constituted by communicating the concern to other members and the sponsor in the agenda items for an upcoming meeting, by giving the potentially dismissed member an opportunity to speak at the meeting, and by obtaining a majority consensus of active members. Reasons for the dismissal should be documented and discussed at the meeting, prior to the anonymous vote being taken. Active members not able to attend the meeting of the vote can send their vote to the sponsor for anonymous inclusion.
D. Violation of 3 class policies (which will be posted at each class) will be grounds for dismissal. Violations should be reported privately to the sponsor. Any member may submit a violation. The sponsor will communicate to the officers who violated the policy and what the violation involved. Violations will be investigated prior to upcoming meetings. If additional meetings are required an officer may contact the advisor and coordinate a meeting as required.
E. Initiating any form of assault that is proven is grounds for dismissal.
F. New members can be added to the membership roster monthly by submitting an updated list to Student Life, to the current members, and to the sponsor.

Section 1. Officers
The Martial Arts Club shall elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer.
A. All officers shall serve a one-year term beginning in April.
B. In March, a meeting will be held for all members to discuss the mission and functions of the club. At this time, officers will be solicited.
C. In April, all officers will be elected by and from the membership of the club.
D. Officers are expected to model and instill respect, discipline, and ethical behavior for other members at all times. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the position.
E. Failure of any officer or instructor to maintain a 2.0 grade point average is grounds for temporary dismissal from their position. Grades should be submitted to the sponsor at midterm and final periods of each semester.
Section 2. Duties of the Officers.
The Officers of The Martial Arts Club shall have these duties.
A. The President of the Martial Arts Club shall preside at all meetings, create meeting agendas, distribute the agenda to members and the sponsor one week prior to the meeting, communicate club news and activities to other members and the sponsor, represent, or assign a representative of the club, to attend Sports Federation meetings, oversee creation of the budget and at the meeting prior to submission, obtain approval signatures from all other officers.
B. The Vice-President of The Martial Arts Club shall fulfill all the duties of the President in his absence, oversee issues of promotion and publicity involving the club, communicate club promotion and publicity activities to club members and the sponsor, and oversee the update of the constitution on a yearly basis.
C. The Secretary of The Martial Arts Club shall keep minutes of the meetings, type them up and submit them to the sponsor, the Sports Federation, and the president (within one week of the meeting) to be included in the president’s next meeting agenda. He/She should also keep attendance records of meetings and nightly classes and submit that monthly to the president and the sponsor.
D. The Treasurer of The Martial Arts Club shall be responsible for keeping record of the income and expenditures of the club, including preparation of the budget.
E. The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for projecting the Club to the public, for seeking opportunities via demonstrations to expand the club, and for fulfilling the duties of promotions and publicity in conjunction with the Vice-President.


Section 1. Meetings of The Martial Art Club
A. Meetings will be held during common hour on the second Thursday of each month. (Location will be announced) The committee may postpone, cancel, or create a meeting whenever they see fit.
B. Any member present at meetings will vote on issues which are decided by the majority vote. At least two officers must also be present to conduct the vote.
E. Meetings shall be open to all interested in The Martial Arts Club.
F. Only members may vote.
G. Tied votes will fall in the hands of the President for final decision.
Section 1. Amendments to this constitution may be presented at any meeting provided that:
A. Proposal is first presented in writing to the president, and the sponsor, and is signed by at least ½ of the membership.
B. The president shall present the amendment at the next scheduled meeting to be voted on.
C. The amendment will require majority vote of present active members at meeting.
D. Active members not present, may submit their vote to the sponsor for an anonymous inclusion if sent prior to scheduled meeting.

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