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 Men's Volleyball Club Constitution  



Organization Name: Slippery Rock University’s Men’s Volleyball Club M. Volleyball
Address: 102 Morrow Field House
Faculty Advisor: Laurie Lokash
Purpose: To provide an opportunity for competitive volleyball for male students and promote the school name through continued improvement and success at the club level.
Date: May 2003

The name of the organization shall be the Slippery Rock University Men’s Volleyball Club.

The purpose of this athletic club is to provide an opportunity for competitive volleyball for male students while promoting the school name through successful operation of the club. The club will attempt to continually improve its reputation and standing at the conference, regional, and national level.

ARTICLE III: Membership
Any male student (undergraduate or graduate) enrolled at Slippery Rock University is eligible to be a member of the club.

Section #1
The officers of the club shall be nominated by the preceding officers and elected by the members of the club, and officers shall consist of a president, a vice president of operations, a vice president of finance, and a vice president of communication.

Section #2
Elections shall be at the end of each spring semester, and a majority of the vote is needed to take office. Elections may also be held at the end of the fall semester if an officer has shown to be unable toe perform his duties, requests, to step down, or because of graduation of an officer. Special elections may be held if a vacancy in office occurs during the school year to fill that vacant office. All elections must be attended by a minimum of 2.3 of members and a majority vote is needed for any nominee to take office.

Section #3
To be eligible for office students much have completed two semesters at Slippery Rock as a member of the club.

Section #1
The President shall:
1. Preside at all club practices, meetings, and gatherings.
2. Provide direction for and act in the best interests of the club.
3. Assign responsibilities to other officers and members.

Section #2
The Vice President of Operations shall:
1. Act in the absence of the president.
2. Assist the president in matters that concern the club.
3. Assist the president in recording of all club information and maintaining past records of the club.

Section #3
The Vice President of Finance shall:
1. Assist the president in financial matters of the club including but not limited to: budget records, payment request, fundraising, and dues collection.
2. Maintain accurate records of club communication.

Section #4
The Vice President of Communication shall:
1. Assist the president in organizational communication including but not limited to: website maintenance, upkeep of member contact information, and public relations.

Section #5
All members shall:
1. Attend all gatherings, meetings, and events of the club.
2. Be responsible for contacting the president or other officers when he cannot attend an event of the club.
3. Act in a manner that brings respect and honor to the club.

The advisor shall be selected from the faculty at Slippery Rock University. The club officers, if necessary may appoint co-advisors. Club officers are responsible for keeping the advisor up-to-date regarding the activities and goals of the club.

The collection of dues shall be at the discretion of the club officers. Dues are currently set at zero dollars ($0.00) per semester and are subject to change. If dues are collected the amount must be agreed upon by a majority of club members. Fundraising efforts will be conducted as a preferred alternative to club dues.

The club will attempt to practice two/three times per week. All members are required to attend practices. Effort and improvement shall be stressed as a means of player and team success.

The club will attempt to schedule high levels of competition. Members of the club shall demonstrate good sportsmanship during competition.

The constitution may be revised through a special meeting conducted by officers and attended by at least 2/3 of members. All revisions shall require approval of a majority of the members.

Schedules – The club does not currently have any events scheduled. The league commissioner is in the process of putting together a schedule right now.

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