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 Racquetball Club Constitution  



The name of the organization shall be ROCK Racquetball Club. This club is not affiliated with any other organization.

ARTICLE II: Objectives and Purpose Racquetball
The purpose of the organization is as follows:
A. To promote the sport of racquetball.
B. To enhance player’s racquetball skills.
C. To share knowledge of game skills, rules and strategies.
D. To offer internal and external playing opportunities.
E. To promote camaraderie and sportsmanship through the clubs activities.

ARTICLE III: Membership
Club membership is open to currently enrolled Slippery Rock University (SRU) students, faculty/staff and local Slippery Rock community. The club roster will be updated annually throughout the academic year. Individuals need to register with the club each semester. All members are eligible to participate in all club activities; including informal recreation, intramural, extramural and external tournaments, meetings and club functions. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner during club sponsored activities and in accordance with all of the rules and regulations of Slippery Rock University. Any abuses of these rules and regulations will be considered conditions for removal from the club.

While Slippery rock University faculty/staff and local Slippery Rock community may be organization members, all voting and executive board members must be current SRU students.

Membership to the Rock Racquetball Club is open to all Slippery Rock University students, faculty/staff and local Slippery Rock community indiscriminately.

Section 1
The ROCK Racquetball Club will have officers in the roles of President, Vice President and Treasurer. All officers must be a current member of the club. All officers must maintain a minimum of a 2.8 GPA.

President: Preside over all meetings, set agendas for meetings, appoint committees, vote in meetings to break ties, serve as the organization’s official representative.

Vice President: Assume the duties of the president in his/her absence, other duties as requested by the president and /or advisor.

Treasurer: Be responsible for recording for recording/monitoring all organization funds, present a finical report at each meeting, work with the faculty/staff advisor in all book keeping issues.

In the event that an executive board position is left vacant for any reason, a replacement will be chosen by a simple majority vote of quorum of ROCK Racquetball Club members.

Special committees can be formed as needed to support club functions. Each committee is temporary and will be terminated upon the completion of the task or function for which it was formed. A special committee should include executive positions and must abide by Article IV of this constitution. The need for a special committee will be created upon by a simple majority vote of quorum of Rock Racquetball club members.

The club advisor should serve as a mentor to all members of the club. The advisor should provide leadership and promote quality experience within the club. The advisors will also be required to
provide a signature on most forms before processing is permitted. The adviser must be a full time
faculty/staff member of Slippery Rock University. The advisor is not required to be representative of any specific department.

Amendments may be made to this constitution. Proposal for amendments must be presented at an official ROCK Racquetball Club meeting. The proposal must then be approved by the advisor and seconded by another member in attendance. The proposal will be recorded at the meeting and then later distributed (usually by E-mail) to all members of the ROCK Racquetball Club. The amendment will then be voted on at the next official ROCK Racquetball Club meeting. The proposed amendment will be require a 2/3 vote of a quorum of ROCK Racquetball Club members to pass.

The constitution will be self-ratifying (automatic).

By-Laws Outline
Section 1. Membership
Club membership is open to currently enrolled Slippery Rock University (SRU) students, faculty/staff and local Slippery Rock community. Members have a choice of how involved they want to be in the club. Members can participate in informal recreation, in SRU intramural racquetball tournaments, extramural tournaments and/or in external tournaments either as a team or individual.

Section 2: Fees
The general entry fee into the club will be $5.00 per semester (fall and spring). Members must pay the fee by November 15 and January 31 of the fall and spring semester. If the dues are not pain, then he/she will be suspended from the club until the dues are paid. The fee will be collected by the treasurer and deposited into the ROCK Racquetball Club self support account.

Section 3: Elections
The election of club officers will take place in February of each year and will take office at the end of the spring semester. Candidates running for office must have been a member of the racquetball club a minimum of 1 year and be in good standing with the university. The voting process will be in the form of secret ballots and the majority will rule. If there is such a vote that is close to a half and half split, then a revote will occur. Should a tie remain after a second vote, the president will make a decision. If a member is unable to attend a meeting when the voting for officers is scheduled, an absentee ballot may be issued and returned to the president of the club ASAP.

Section 4: Meetings
Meetings will be held during common hour or at another time that is most convenient for the club members six (6) each semester. Members must attend five (5) of the six (6) meetings. Members who do not meet these requirements will be suspended from the club.

Section 5: Quorum
Fifty percent of the membership plus one will constitute a quorum.

Section 6: Amendment of the By-Laws
By-laws may be amended by a majority vote.

Initiated: 1/24/06 Updated: February 2, 2006

SRU Racquetball Courts
Racquetball courts are located on lower level of Morrow Field House.

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