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 Tennis Club Constitution 



 Article I: Name and Affiliations
The name of this organization is the Slippery Rock University Club Tennis Team. The program will also be affiliated with the USTA program called Tennis on Campus. This program offers our members the opportunity to compete in USTA sponsored events.

 Article II: Objective and Purpose
The purpose of this organization is to provide the students, both male and female, of Slippery Rock University with the opportunity to participate in tennis both recreationally and competitively. It will provide students with a learning experience to increase their knowledge and skills of the game of tennis. 

Article III: Membership
All students, who pay club dues and meet the membership requirements, are welcome as members of the organization regardless of skill level. This organization does not hold try-outs or cut members from the team based on the player’s ability. This organization is Co-Ed and provides equal opportunities for both males and females.

Article IV: Officers 
Section 1 – Overview
This organization will have four board members, which are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. This organization will have an advisor who must be a current SRU faculty or staff member. The current advisor to the organization is Matt Meredith. It is the responsibility of the board members to run the organization in an efficient and successful manor. The board members will make decisions on behalf of the organization with guidance from the club advisor. 

Section 2 – President
The president of the club will preside over all the decisions that will be made on behalf of the team. The responsibility of the president will be to work closely with the advisor to schedule practices, matches, and tournaments. The president will also be responsible for setting up meetings and making sure that all members are meeting the requirements for membership.

 Section 3 – Vice-President
The Vice-President will be responsible for the president’s duties if the president is not available or is absent. The Vice president will also work closely with the president and the advisor to make sure that the decisions they are making is benefiting the whole club.

Section 4 – Treasurer
The treasurer will be responsible for all the financial needs of the club team. The duties of the treasurer will include:
Keeping track of member dues.
Keeping a record of all transactions made in the organizations financial accounts.
Depositing and withdrawing money from the organizations financial accounts.

ection 5- Secretary
The secretary will have the responsibility of looking over and keeping the records of membership. They will also be responsible for taking attendance at any meetings or practices. Also, the secretary is responsible for all marketing of the organization.

Section 6 – Removal
Each board member is expected to fulfill his or her duties and responsibilities as a leader of this organization. If a board member is failing to do so he or she is subject to removal from his or her position. A board member can only be removed with the completion of one of the following:
1. A
n agreement for removal from all 3 other board members.
An agreement for removal from both the president and advisor.
3. In the case of removing the president from his or her presidency, there must be an agreement for removal from all 3 other board members and the club advisor.

If a board member is removed, an election will be held to fill the vacant position requiring a majority vote from all club members.  

Article V- Faculty Advisor
This organization will have an advisor who must be a current SRU faculty or staff member. The faculty advisor will have the roll of looking over the whole organization. The advisor will offer guidance in making decisions concerning the organization. They will work closely with the president and other officers to make the organization efficient and successful. Board members of the organization are able to replace the current advisor with a new advisor and/or have multiple advisors if they see necessary. 

Article VI- Amendments
In the case of amending the constitution and by-laws, decisions will be made by the board members with a minimum 3/4 vote. The board members will be responsible for all decisions made on behalf of the team with the guidance from the club advisor. If ever a 2-2 vote tie should occur between board members or in the case of major decisions, at the discretion of the club president, voting from all club members can occur with a majority vote required for the decision to be made.  

Article VII- Ratification
This constitution is self-ratifying. If any changes wish to be made by the members of the club they may vote for an amendment.

Section 1- Membership Requirements
Each member of the organization will be required to keep a minimum 2.0 GPA and pay his or her club dues. The organization will be run through USTA Tennis on Campus, so each athlete must abide by the rules of the USTA. (For example, during match play, an athlete must use appropriate language while playing.) Each member is also expected to behave in a respectable manor at practices, meetings, and all other gathering and events held by this organization. 

Section 2 – Probation and Expulsion
Each athlete is not an official member of the team until his or her club dues are paid. Once becoming an official member, one must meet and maintain all membership requirements or risk being placed on probation. Probation will last one semester or until the member meets the requirements which will be at the discretion of the president. Reasons for being placed on probation include:
1. Not maintaining the required minimum GPA.
Failure to follow the rules of the USTA.
Behavioral issues, this will be at the discretion of the president.

If the same club member fails to meet the membership requirements on multiple occasions or behaves in a manor that is deemed entirely unacceptable by the president of the organization, this member can be expelled and banned from the organization with a 3/4 vote by the board members. 

Section 3 – Fees
The only fee associated with the club will be $20 club dues for the entire year, or $10 per semester. This will be necessary to fund trips to other schools and equipment to conduct practices and matches. There are no penalty fines.

Section 4 – Elections
Voting for new board members will occur at the last official meeting at the end of every fall semester. New board members will then take position at the beginning of the following spring semester. The election process will be based on majority vote of all official club members who meet previous criteria mentioned. Only members who attend the election meeting will eligible for voting and running for a position. 

All club members who pay dues and meet the minimum requirements are eligible to run for a board member position. If elected to a position, a member may hold this position until the end of the last fall semester before he or she graduates unless otherwise removed. If this member, after releasing their position at the end of the fall semester, is still a student of the university and member of this organization during the following spring semester, though they may not be holding a board position, can provide guidance and support for the new board members. 

Section 5 – Meetings/Practices
The majority of meetings will be held after practices. Practices are not mandatory, but are encouraged.  The meetings will be a simple lecture and discussion meeting, and everyone’s voice will be heard. In case of a situation where the team is seeking to amend this constitution, we will hold a meeting in a time and place where every team member is able to attend.

Section 6 – Petition
In the case that members of the team strongly believe a member should be removed from the team, or a board member should be removed from their position, the members can petition for action to be taken. If a minimum 2/3 of the club members sign the petition, a meeting will be called and a vote will occur to decide if the member should be removed from the team and/or their board position. All club members will have a vote, the majority vote will decide it. 

Date of Adoption:
May 13, 2013 

Submitted By:
President - David Stanicar
Vice-President - Katie Huber
Treasurer - Mike Timo
Secretary - Shannon Wright


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