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 Women's Ice Hockey Club Constitution  



We, the members of the Slippery Rock University Women’s Club Ice Hockey Team (SRU Women’s Hockey) have established this constitution in order to state our philosophy, our mission, our goals, and our purpose for which this organization has been created.

The purpose of the Slippery Rock University Women’s Ice Hockey Club is to: (1) Provide for those women interested in a chance to play competitive ice hockey: (2) To promote ice hockey as a spectator sport within the college community and to provide the community with a representative team: (3) To lay the ground work for Women’s Ice Hockey to become an ACHA D1 club sport at Slippery Rock University.

SRU Women’s Hockey will be an organization, which will provide equal opportunities for all women at Slippery Rock University who are interested in playing hockey.  No woman shall be discriminated based on race, religion, personal life-style choice, or social or economical class.  Dignity and integrity will be strictly upheld first and foremost at all times.  Our mission is to create a team that excels not only athletically, but in character, that will represent Slippery Rock University in a positive manner.  Our goal is to create a proud, long standing, respected tradition at SRU Women’s Hockey for the team, the University, and the community.  The purpose of this organization is to allow for women to be given the opportunity to excel both mentally and physically, creating the total athlete, and strength in character.

Beyond the initial season, in which officers will be appointed, there will be elections held to choose different officers.  The team members will select the nominees for the positions in office at the time preceding the up-coming election.  All members of the team will vote and a majority vote will result in election to a position.  The term in office will be held for that season and new elections will be held at the start of every season.  A person holding office in the season prior to the beginning of the new season can be re-elected.

There will be four officer positions and they are as follows: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.  The duties of the president and vice president will include working together through organizing fundraisers, off-ice practices and team meetings.  They will keep the lines of communication open between both players and coaches on and off the ice.  They will also handle any questions or concerns that may come up through either coaches or teammates.  The secretary will record minutes at both the team and officer meetings.  Also, she will be in charge of recording any and all information regarding the team to be sent out via email or through phone calls; information such as upcoming practices or games with correct times and meeting places.  The treasurer will budget fundraising money and disperse the money at payment times.  She will work hand in hand with SGA to correctly record money both incoming and outgoing.  She will keep track of individual dues to make sure the team is financially supported.  To be eligible to vote one must be a member of the team.  Votes will be privately cast, and the secretary will count all the votes.  Captains may be officers also and vice versa.

If a team member wishes to file a grievance with an officer, or any other member of the team, she will present this grievance to the president of the organization.  If it is the case that a grievance is in reference to the president, the Vice President will handle the procedure.  The officers will meet (including captains, as they too will be considered officers), excluding the officer in question, in order to discuss and decide the matter.  Penalty, if the grievance is held legitimate, will result in warnings, suspension, or expulsion.  The officers will vote on this.  Should the president be voted out of office the vice president will take her place and a new vice- president must be elected, as will all other impeached positions.  The team will vote on new positions.

The coaching staff will be decided by a discussion with the executive board to determine if it is a good fit and then a team vote where majority rules.  The coaching staff will consist of no more than 3 members.  The staff will be chosen by experience first and foremost and ability to lead a team.  The vote will be a silent vote where the president will conduct the vote and tally scores.  If any team member has a disagreement with the vote then they will come to the executive board that will discuss the matter and find the best resolution between them.

To amend this constitution there must be a unanimous vote by the officers and a 50% or greater vote by all other team members before the amendment can be discussed.  Should this be the case the issue will be discussed and considered by the executive board.

If the amendment is unanimously approved and not before then, the amendment will be made, and signed by all members of the board or it is invalid.  We, The Slippery Rock University Women’s Ice Hockey Team, promise to uphold this constitution with truth, dignity, and integrity.
Created by Dana Lynn Scheerbaum
Revised and signed by Alison Nuckols on September 28, 2007

President and Captain-
Vice President- Megan Hubbard
Secretary- Lora Gasiewski
Treasurer- Carly Hockenberry

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