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What is the General Service Fee?

The General Service Fee is a fund established by the students to provide various activities and services on our campus. The service fee is essentially an activity charge collected from students as a fixed percentage of tuition figured into each semester's billing. (The fee is augmented with income from the Bookstore and vending machines.)
An individual student charge is only a small amount, but when the money from all students is summed together, the account totals over 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS!! This money is distributed to over seventy qualified student organizations to fund their activity programming. With over one hundred student organizations providing educational and entertaining programming, you can be assured that our campus has a variety of activities with which to become involved

How does the General Service Fee benefit me?

How else can so little money provide so much? Your contribution buys instruments for our band, equipment for our sports teams, transports club members to activities and events, brings internationally known artists and performers to our campus, publishes our University newspaper, and puts the entertainment of our radio station on the air. The General Service Fee also funds the shuttle bus you ride to school and other special services. These activities and many more are here because you make them. These activities have been provided by students for students, so get involved. Thank you for making so many wonderful things happen.

What does the General Service Fee do?

Listed below are many of the scheduled activities provided by student funding of our General Service Fee. Also, every year, Student Government uses part of the General Service Fee to furnish senior class gifts to the University such as a baseball scoreboard, trees, benches, special equipment for the handicapped, and scholarships for academically gifted students. The General Service Fee also benefits non-traditional students with child care expenses.

When can my club receive funding?

After 2 years of being recognized by the Student Government Association, an organization is permitted to request some of the money generated by the general service fee. In order to receive some of the money, an organization must attend a budgeting meeting usually held during February and submit a budget (available in the Cooperative Activities Office). The budget is okayed or changed by the Co-op Board. The final budget amounts are then submitted to President Smith who in turn okays the final amounts.

To use the money, a payment request is filled out and it is submitted. Some form of proof (usually a receipt or flyer for the activity) must accompany the request

Self-support Checking

This service is available to all SRU organizations. A checking account is set up under the organization name and is used very similarly to checking services at any bank. Usually the treasurer of the group, President, and Advisor sign an authorization card and are the only members with access to the account. When money is taken out, a purple form is filled out in the office and signed by one of these students and the advisor. Money being deposited into the account may be done by any member.

Budgeted Payment Requests

Each organization that is appropriated funds from SGA must fill out a budgeted payment request form in order to put the money to use. A receipt or flyer is recommended in order to provide conformation of need. If any organization has any questions related to their budget please call x2103.