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 Our Philosophy 



The Slippery Rock University Student Government Association Preschool provides a background of first hand experiences:  sensory, exploratory, investigative, manipulative, and creative.  The children participate in these experiences mostly through play, the core of the curriculum.  It is our belief that children of the three to five year old age group learn most through play and hands on experiences.  We are providing a frame work of knowledge that will be built upon in elementary school.

One of the major goals of the program is for the children to learn positive interaction with their peers.  The staff of the Center works toward these socialization skills by being positive role models and nurturing the individuality of each child.

Supervised free choice activities include, but are not limited to, housekeeping and dramatic play, block building, library, manipulatives, and computer activities.  During the small group activity time children are given the opportunity to develop the following skill areas:  motor, self-help, sensory/perceptual, communicative, affective, and cognitive.

The SRU/SGA Preschool seeks to provide a rich variety of learning experiences in an atmosphere of love and caring in which preschool children can learn about themselves and the world around them.  It is also our goal to support the families in meeting the social, emotional, and physical needs of their children.


The U.S. Department of Education has approved a grant of $93,920 for the child care center.

007 McKay Education Building
Slippery Rock University
Phone: 724-738-2102
Director: Ms. Lisa Ringer
Assistant Director: Ms. Katie Stanley

Hour of Operation: M-F 7:30am - 5:00pm