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 Concerned for Someone 




If you know or suspect that someone you care about is having thoughts of suicide, do not hesitate to contact any of the emergency contacts listed below:


During the hours of 8AM - 4:30PM, Monday - Friday:


     Call the Student Counseling Center at 724-738-2034


     or Bring the student to the Student Counseling

     Center, located on the First Floor of Rhoads Hall


After hours, or if the Student Counseling Center is otherwise unavailable:


     Call the Student Health Center, which is open 24  

     hours at 724-738-2052 or Bring the student to the

     Student Health Center




     Call the Center for Community Resources 24/7 Crisis

     Line at 800-292-3866

         **CCR often can send a trained crisis worker to

      your location if needed


If you believe the person in crisis needs immediate assistance:


            Call the University Police at 724-738-3333 or


            Call 911, if off campus