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The Counseling Center Training Program accepts students from regional master’s and doctoral level programs seeking a formal training experience to fulfill required clinical hours.  Master’s level trainees may be accepted for both practicum and internship experiences, while doctoral students may only complete practicum hours at the Center due to the formal didactic training component required for pre-doctoral internships.  For sake of simplicity, all trainees completing practicum or internship hours at the Center are referred to as Interns.

Programs from other colleges and universities interested in having their students complete clinical hours as part of the Counseling Center Training Program must sign an Internship/Practicum Agreement.  This agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities for both the Counseling Center and the university program.  All interns received direct supervision from doctoral level, licensed psychologists or counselors.


For additional information contact:

Dr. Melissa Nard, Director of Training

(724) 738-4235