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 Medical Visit Verification 



I. Purpose:

The purpose of the medical visit verification is to support the Slippery Rock University community in enhancing personal and academic excellence, and establish a guideline for students experiencing a medical absence from class.

II. Policy:

Student Health Services (SHS) will issue a Medical Visit Verification form to students who request written documentation of SHS utilization. The verification form is designed to provide the date, time and duration of treatment. It is the student’s responsibility to forward the Medical Visit Verification form to their professor/employer.

Absence policies are determined by individual professors.  It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of these and do their part to meet the class requirements.  Student Health Services does not have the authority to excuse students from class attendance.  

III. Procedure:

  1. Health Services Responsibilities
    1. A Medical Visit Verification Form will be issued upon student request when SHS provides care or is made aware of a student requiring emergency/urgent care, or confinement to a hospital or the Health Center.
    2. In the case of serious illness, the Health Services staff will notify the student’s professors by phone of the absence.  No confidential medical information can be released without the student’s permission.
    3. Health Services will make individual determinations when to notify the Assistant Vice President of Student Services.


  1. Student Responsibilities
    1. Present the Medical Visit Verification Form to appropriate faculty.
    2. Contact appropriate faculty to make arrangements to complete coursework and meet the class requirements.


This site is not meant to replace the advice of a health care professional. You should not rely on any information on these pages, or information generated for you by this site, to replace consultations with qualified professionals regarding your own specific situation.


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A registered nurse is available 24/7 during the academic year.

Please do not send emails regarding your health concerns. Call 724-738-2052 and ask to speak to a health care provider.