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Want Protection?

So you want to play it smart and protect yourself from STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and pregnancy, but don't know what to do next?  Then attend an Options Workshop!  This workshop will answer all of your questions regarding birth control and send you off in the right direction.  Please feel free to invite your partner, because the more you both know the better the decision you can make!  

Contact Renee Bateman, Health Promotion Coordinator at or 724-738-4206 to set up your individual session.

CALL 724-738-4206

Sexual Assault Resources (Title IX)

Ebola Virus Disease Information

Ebola Message to Campus

Flu Shot Information

Medical Amnesty Act
66 of 2011

Student Intervention Services (SIS)

Ambulance Service

Notice of Privacy Practices

Consent Form for Treatment of Minors

A registered nurse is available 24/7 during the academic year.

Please do not send emails regarding your health concerns. Call 724-738-2052 and ask to speak to a health care provider.