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 Emergency Services 



The student health center is an ambulatory health care facility and is equipped to treat some minor urgent care issues.

We are NOT an emergency room but we CAN assist students in obtaining emergency services. PLEASE CALL 724-738-2052 to speak to a nurse. If you are uncertain as to whether or not an ambulance is necessary, a nurse is available for phone consultation 24/7 during the academic year.

In the event of an emergency, the University Police can be reached by dialing (724) 738-3333. They will dispatch an ambulance for transport to an area hospital.

Mental health assistance is available by contacting the nurse at 724-738-2052 or call the Counseling Center at 724-738-2034, M-F, 8am-4pm.

For assistance or information regarding sexual assault and/or interpersonal violence, contact Student Intervention Services at 724-738-2121 or The Women's Center at 724-738-2992, M-F, 8am-4pm. For assistance after hours, contact the University Police at (724) 738-3333 or Student Health Services at 724-738-2052.

Please note: Any treatment received while in the hospital is the financial responsibility of the student. Private health and medical insurance plans are usually accepted.

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Medical Amnesty Act
66 of 2011

Student Intervention Services (SIS)

Ambulance Service

Notice of Privacy Practices

Consent Form for Treatment of Minors

A registered nurse is available 24/7 during the academic year.

Please do not send emails regarding your health concerns. Call 724-738-2052 and ask to speak to a health care provider.