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 Student Health Services 



Our office is located in Rhoads Hall.  The staff of the Student Health Services is looking forward to assisting you to achieve your personal best health. A registered nurse is available 24/7 during the academic year.  Our caring and competent health care team is standing by to help you take care of yourself. A healthy mind, body, and spirit contributes to academic success.

 Germs are Getting Stronger, Let's Get Smarter: PROTECT yourself with the flu vaccine!  Come to the Student Health Center and get your FREE flu shot! 
Watch this video and see Katie Hill, SRU SGA President, get her flu shot!

Is there a student you are concerned about? To refer them to Student Intervention Services (SIS), please click here. If there is an immediate concern and or the person is a danger to themselves or others, please contact University Police at 724-738-3333 as they are available 24/7.

This site is not meant to replace the advice of a health care professional. You should not rely on any information on these pages, or information generated for you by this site, to replace consultations with qualified professionals regarding your own specific situation.


Sexual Assault Resources (Title IX)

Ebola Virus Disease Information

Ebola Message to Campus

Flu Shot Information

Medical Amnesty Act
66 of 2011

Student Intervention Services (SIS)

Ambulance Service

Notice of Privacy Practices

Consent Form for Treatment of Minors

A registered nurse is available 24/7 during the academic year.

Please do not send emails regarding your health concerns. Call 724-738-2052 and ask to speak to a health care provider.