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 Other Resources and Links 



ADA Committee

Ms. Holly McCoy, 724-738-2016

Counseling Center

Dr. Carol Holland, 724-738-2034

Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Jessamine Montero Michaels

Office of Student Conflict Resolution Service

Ms. Leigh Ann Datt, 724-738-2134

President’s Commission for Disabilities Issues

Ms. Karla Fonner, 724-738-2121 or Dr. Cindy LaCom, 724-738-2359

President’s Commission on LGBTQI

Mr. Patrick Beswick, 724-738-4485 or Dr. Bonnie Siple, 724-738-2930

President’s Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity Commission

Ms. Lorraine Stubbs, 724-738-4470 or Dr. Chris Cubero 724-738-4267

President’s Commission for Women

Dr. Jennifer Sanfter, 724-738-2717 or Dr. Traci Zillifro, 724-738-2284

Women’s Center

Ms. Jodiann Solito, 724-738-2670