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 Crime/Incident Report  



To the University community:

There are several state and federal laws which require SRU to report all crime statistics. One of these laws, the Campus Security Act, requires SRU to identify campus security authorities who are by law required to report all clery identified crimes the individual becomes aware of through their work with students. There are two other reasons why we are notifying you. The first is to make you aware that our current statistics are updated and are available on the SRU Police web page and the second is to ask you to help our department solve crime. Campus security authorities include faculty advisors to student organizations, athletic team coaches, and members of the police department, deans, directors and coordinators of programs or activities for SRU. We have decided to also inform all other faculty, staff, administrators and managers to assure everyone is aware of these laws and, to encourage anyone who can provide information regarding any crime to do so in an expeditious manner.

Due to the complexity of the various crimes and their definitions, the most reasonable and effective way to manage the reporting of crimes is as follows. If you observe any crime especially that listed below, or if any person reveals to you that he/she learned of, or was a victim of, perpetrator of, or witness to any crime, immediately complete the attached incident report, and as indicated at the bottom of the form, send the original to the Director/Chief of SRU Police Department. This includes the SRU campus at Slippery Rock, McKeever, or at any other SRU property or college activity. In short,we would prefer to be aware of any information you may have about any crime.

Please do not investigate any crime or attempt to determine, in fact, if a crime took place. Simply complete all the information required on the incident report and forward the information to the Chief of SRU Police, Police Headquarters, Kiester Road, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. Other individuals this can be sent to or crimes reported to include the Vice President for Student Life, Assistant Vice President for Student Development, Assistant Vice President for Student Services, or any Dean, Director, Coordinator, or police officer at SRU.

Additional forms can be obtained via the Chief of University Police at 724.738.4545 (on campus, extension 4545).

The criminal offenses that we are required to report are: murder/non-negligent manslaughter; negligent manslaughter; sex offenses (forcible and non-forcible); robbery; burglary; aggravated assault; motor vehicle thefts; arson; Domestic Violence; Dating Violence; Stalking; all hate crimes to include gender identity and national origin; all liquor law violations; all drug violations; all illegal weapons possession; or any activity or action you believe may be a crime. We are required by law to report offenses that occur on campus, in residence facilities, at certain non-campus properties, and on public property immediately adjacent to campus.

If you are in doubt as to whether a crime is reportable, please err on the side of reporting the matter.

Click here to complete the on-line:  Crime/Incident Report Form

Should you have questions regarding your reporting obligations, please contact Chief Michael Simmons, SRU Police Department at 724.738.4545, extension 4545 on campus, or at

Thank you,

Michael Simmons
Chief of Police

Confidential Crime Tip Line

This confidential tip line is for anyone with information related to criminal or suspicious activities on campus. 

To leave information related to a campus crime, including description of the person or persons involved, vehicle involved, or other information that may aid police in their investigation call:

724-738-2SRU 724.738.2778

Callers may leave their name and numbers if they choose to. 

Caller information will be kept confidential.