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 Statement from Slippery Rock University Police 



The mission of the Slippery Rock University Police Department is to provide a safe campus community in which to live, work, and learn.  Duties include the enforcement of Commonwealth laws and University Policies.  In addition to these duties, SRU Police open and secure buildings, provide emergency first aid, monitor and respond to fire and intrusion alarms, provide a communication desk for information and emergency purposes, patrol the grounds of Slippery Rock University, provide escorts, as well as other police duties.

University Police routinely report maintenance problems regarding safety and security. We also suggest improvements pertinent to crime prevention. The department has developed programs addressing personal and property safety for students and staff. These programs are presented to groups scheduled through the Director of University Police. These programs are incorporated into students and staff orientations. Individuals or groups seeking information concerning the availability of literature or presentations are urged to contact the University Police Department.

The department has a complement of 15 commissioned police officers and three security officers that provide 24-hour, year round coverage to the campus. All university police officers are commissioned by the Governor of Pennsylvania and have full police powers including, but not limited to, the authority to arrest and issue citations. Officers are armed.

All commissioned officers have completed municipal police training and are required to complete mandatory update training as well as attend special training seminars. They are recertified, as required, in first aid and CPR, haz-mat, blood-borne pathogens, tasers and OC spray. The officers must qualify with their firearms and auxiliary weapons each year.

Slippery Rock University is situated half in Slippery Rock Borough and half in Slippery Rock Township. Slippery Rock Borough has a police department and SRU officers, by local agreement, are permitted to assist them in emergency situations. Slippery Rock Township utilizes the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). SRU Police have an excellent working relationship with PSP as well as all other law enforcement agencies. This working relationship enhances the ability of law enforcement agencies to perform more efficiently in an effort to provide a safe community.

SRU Police encourages all university community members to act responsibly and to report all suspicious activity. If any member is unsure of the jurisdiction of the suspicious activity, SRU Police will assist in making the proper contact. Slippery Rock University Police Department is the law enforcement authority for the campus. All information regarding alleged crimes should be reported promptly and accurately to the department.

Campus community members may contact University Police by several methods. They may directly talk to an officer at the dispatch desk in police headquarters on Kiester Road, or an officer on patrol (we utilize vehicle, bicycle, and foot patrols). Individuals may contact us through the internet (, or by phone (724.738.3333).

SRU Police works closely with the Office of Student Conflict Resolution Services (OSCRS). Information of a criminal nature concerning Slippery Rock University members is, therefore, shared with the SRU administration and/or the student judicial system assuring an accurate statistical count of crimes. The sharing of information follows Federal and Commonwealth law.

In an attempt to keep the campus community informed, the SRU Police have established a "Police Blotter," which is open for public review at SRU Police headquarters. The "Blotter" is a chronological summation of crimes reported to Slippery Rock University Police. It is divided into two sections, crimes and arrests. Media, as well as the general public, may view this information. SRU also alerts our campus community of the occurrence of certain incidences which may pose an ongoing threat. Alerts are posted in residence halls, public bulletin boards, entrances to campus buildings, etc. Electronic communications are also utilized. SRU requires Campus Security Authorities to report all Clery identified crimes to campus police or the designated Clery Officer.

Public information concerning individuals registered pursuant to "Commonwealth Sex Offender Registration Statute" may be obtained by going to the PA State Police web-site.


If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any situation or see suspicious behavior, go with your gut. 
Contact the police.


Don't wear headphones while walking. Carry your (charged) cell phone in your hand.

University Police provides campus escorts to provide safe passage from one area of campus to another.  Police escort service is available 24/7; call 724.738.3333.

Be aware of your surroundings.  Before you leave, plan your route with detail.  Have alternative routes or plans.  Walk with a purpose. Even if you don't know where you are going, act like you do.  Try not to load yourself down with packages or bags as this can make you appear more vulnerable.  Park in well-lighted areas.

Attend social activities with friends. 
Agree to look out for one another and leave as a group (buddy system).  If you leave with someone else, tell someone where you will be and what time you are returning and if you will be with someone.

Only drink from unopened container or drinks you've seen poured. 
Never leave your drinks unattended. Avoid group drinks like punch bowls.