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 University Police Personnel  



Slippery Rock University
Police Department


 Chief of Police
Michael Simmons

Assistant Chief of Police
Windy Stafford


                    Police Supervisor                Police Specialist                   

                       Lt. Kevin Sharkey                   Karl Fisher                           

                       Lt. Perry Petricca                  Robert Martz                         

                       Lt. Caitlin Corrigan                Wayne Cochran                    

                                                                  Tyler Gray     

                      Patrolmen                              Dispatchers   

                     Lawrence Straub                        John Shaffer

                     Frank Davis                           Janice Hinchberger

                    Jason Squatrito                        Jody Brandon

Scott Haslett






Confidential Crime Tip Line

This confidential tip line is for anyone with information related to criminal or suspicious activities on campus. 

To leave information related to a campus crime, including description of the person or persons involved, vehicle involved, or other information that may aid police in their investigation call:

724-738-2SRU 724.738.2778

Callers may leave their name and numbers if they choose to. 

Caller information will be kept confidential.