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 The Education LLC 




"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990),
in Forbes Magazine

Location: Watson Hall, Floors 1-3 West


The Education Living-Learning Community is for students who are:

  • Elementary/Early Childhood, Secondary/Foundations of Education, Special Education/CPAD - Adapted Physical Activity, Health & Physical Education, or Gerontology
  • commmitted to becoming educators and value being surrounded by others with similar goals
  • dedicated to the purpose of the LLC and as a result will participate in the activities, trips and other campus opportunities provided for them as an LLC member


Students can apply for this LLC when submitting their housing materials online-- Step 3 of the process is the LLC application.

Students who apply for an LLC as part of the Housing Process and are placed in an LLC agree that if they are accepted into an LLC that they are making a commitment to fully participate in all programs, workshops and projects that are a part of this living-learning community. They will strive to develop the Five Cornerstones of Character and will actively participate in their residence hall community.

Benefits for students who fully participate in the EDU LLC:

  • Students have common interests, goals and values.
  • Students form study groups due to taking similar classes.
  • Students will develop meaningful relationships with their LLC peers.
  • Students will be able to identify and utilize opportunities to become involved in their LLC.
  • Students will learn to work with others, practice collaboration across difference, and be committed to ethical action.
  • Students will engage in activities that enhance their academic program or interest development.
  • Students will develop meaningful connections with a faculty or staff member.
  • *Students have exclusive access to a specialized space in their residence hall where classes, activities and meetings take place. They can also gain access to the Residence Life Resource Room (after receiving training), which can assist with completing various class projects.