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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams

Location: Building F, Second Floor East and West


The Leadership Living-Learning Community is for students who are:

  • interested in leadership opportunities on campus through club and organizational involvement
  • interested in connecting with other strong leaders on campus
  • interested in building leadership skills
  • interested in the First Year Leader Scholar Program or have completed the program

Students can apply for this LLC when submitting their housing materials online-- Step 3 of the process is the LLC application.

Students who apply for an LLC as part of the Housing Process and are placed in an LLC agree that if they are accepted into an LLC that they are making a commitment to fully participate in all programs, workshops and projects that are a part of this living-learning community.


Benefits for students who fully participate in the Leadership LLC:

  • Students have common interests, goals and values.
  • Students form study groups due to taking similar classes.
  • Students will develop meaningful relationships with their LLC peers.
  • Students will be able to identify and utilize opportunities to become involved in their LLC.
  • Students will learn to work with others, practice collaboration across difference, and be committed to ethical action.
  • Students will engage in activities that enhance their academic program or interest development.
  • Students will develop meaningful connections with a faculty or staff member.
  • Students have exclusive access to a specialized space in their residence hall where classes, activities and meetings take place
  • Students will have the opportunity to apply/receive additional scholarships.




When you apply to live on the Leadership Floor –

  • If you are a first year student, your application is forwarded automatically for the program.
  • If you are an upperclass student, you must have went through the program and be willing to volunteer as a peer mentor.


FLSP is a leadership development program for first-year students at SRU!  It’s designed for you to connect with other strong leaders on campus, build leadership skills, and enhance your resume to help you successfully navigate your activities and involvement on campus to make the most out of your SRU experience!


If you’re interested in furthering your leadership skills then FLSP is right for you!


Successfully graduating from FLSP allows you to apply for two separate scholarships. The first is a scholarship awarding two students $1250, which is open to all FLSP graduates. The second is the Board of Governor’s Scholarship (BOG) which will cover your tuition for the next 3 years, but you must be a PA resident to apply.


Cohort meetings for the Fall 2014 semester are still being determined (definite times will be available when you return back to SRU for the start of the semester in late August.)  All cohorts will take place Monday-Thursday between the hours of 3:00pm-8:15pm and will last for 1 hour and 15 minutes each week.


Here is an example of last year’s schedule.  As you can see, we offer a variety of cohort times to fit your schedule!

Tuesday 4:00-5:15, 5:30-6:45 and 7:00-8:15

Wednesday 3:00-4:15, 4:30-5:45 and 6:00-7:15


*You must be able to attend at least one of the cohort meetings in order to be a part of FLSP if you are accepted into the program*


Any questions contact Julie Varnish at or 724-738-2723


FLSP Cohorts are expected to start in the end of September.