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 Application Process 



  • All students can apply (including freshman, current, transfer or graduate/non-traditional students), and can continue to live in the LLC, but must re-apply each year.
  • The on-line application requires students to choose an LLC, write about why they want to live there, and request a roommate (if applicable).
  • The LLC Application is submitted in addition to the housing agreement and preferences, along with the $175 deposit.
  • The preferences indicated on the LLC Application take priority over any information submitted with the housing agreement, with the exception of roommate requests.
  • Faculty Fellows review application materials and make recommendations for acceptance into the LLCs.
  • From the accepted student list, students are then assigned to their rooms based on roommate requests and personal preferences.
  • Assignment of LLC spaces are considered on a first come/first serve basis.
  • LLCs are located on one or more floors of each building, but they do not occupy the entire building.
  • LLC Specialty Program Rooms in the Residential Suites are ONLY for the students who apply, are accepted, and live in the communities. Students who live in the buildings but are not in the LLC do not have the privilege of using these spaces.