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 Living-Learning Community Support 



Faculty/Staff Fellows

A Faculty/Staff Fellow is a member of the Slippery Rock University Community who has indicated an interest in becoming involved in a specific LLC. Faculty/Staff Fellows serve as a resource and mentor for a specific LLC. Each LLC has at least one person who serves as a Faculty/Staff Fellow, but we are always looking to get more faculty and staff involved. We ask Faculty/Staff Fellows for assistance in reviewing applications for student acceptance into the communities, as well as being involved in other social and academic involvement opportunities within the LLCs.

Examples of Faculty/Staff Fellow involvement in an LLC are:
*Teach FYRST seminar In-Hall*
*Plan/assist with a workshop related to area of expertise*
*Hold office hours/advising sessions/study & tutoring groups in LLC Residence halls*

Community Assistants

A Community Assistant (CA) is an undergraduate student staff member that serves as a mentor to the students in their residence hall community. The CAs that are assigned to an LLC have indicated an interest in that specific community, and as a result they go through an additional interview process, and commit to additional responsibilities and trainings. The CA for an LLC is expected to facilitate positive development of the community, which includes providing activities that are geared toward the specific needs and interests of the LLC residents.