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 Living-Learning Communities: The Cornerstones of Character 




Living Learning Communities
at Slippery Rock University

Being part of a community is about making connections with others who have common interests. Community is about getting involved and contributing to something larger than you. Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at Slippery Rock University
provides students with an outside of the classroom learning experience within the residence halls! Students enjoy all the usual advantages of living on campus in a residence hall, with the added benefit of living among a group that shares academic goals and interests.

Through student, faculty and staff partnerships, and educational and cultural programs, active involvement in a Living-Learning community allows you to broaden your perspectives and understanding of the world around you. This holistic approach complements classroom experiences and lays the foundation for you to become better prepared to succeed in life beyond college.

These dynamic learning communities have some added benefits including:

  • Formal and informal out-of-class interaction with professors in your academic field.
  • Increased opportunity for career information, internships, and professional networking.
  • Access to special facilities and equipment in a supportive learning environment.
  • Educational programs that will enhance your classroom learning.
  • Social and cultural activities with students and faculty.
  • Students tend to maintain a higher GPA.

There are two types of LLCs to choose from!  Academic LLCs are connected through majors and academics while Special Interests Communities allow students the opportunity to live and learn with students who share common interests.

Academic LLCs:




Business, Information and Social Science (BISS)


Is well suited for students with majors in the School of Business, Communication, Computer Science, Criminology/Criminal Justice, Safety Management and Sports Management

Education (EDU)


Open to elementary/early childhood, secondary/foundations of education, special and physical education majors and seeks to support and enhance the growth of future teachers.  Additional specialty room:  access to the Residence Life Resource Room. 

Explore, Discover, Decide (XPL)


Is open to first-year exploratory students only and is a great opportunity for students interested in learning more about their strengths and the world around them while trying to choose a major.  Students are also enrolled in the XPL Learning Community Cluster, which consists of three academic courses. 

Health, Environment and Science  (HES)

Is uniquely suited to the interests of students pursuing a career or future studies in medical, exercise science, math, health, or science professions.

Honors (HON)


For students enrolled in the SRU Honors Program.

Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts  (HFPA)


Well suited to the those interested in dance, drama, art, music, writing, history, political science, philosophy and language.  Additional specialty rooms: dance studio, art studio, and music rooms.


Special Interest LLCs:



Creating Connections



Is designed for students who are not from this region/state/country (2+ hours away), for students who have an interest in living with students from around the country /world, and those interested in travel, study abroad, languages & cultures or international business. 

Outdoor Adventure/ Military Leadership (OA/ML)


a place to call home for students who share an interest in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking, white water rafting, & caving and/or for those involved (current or past) in military service.

New Special Interest LLCs for 2014-2015!




Is open for the students that want to explore leadership opportunities on campus through club and organizational involvement.   The floor will focus on values-directed leadership skills and prepare students to support the continued development of a society that promotes democratic ideals, respects diversity and are advocates for social justice. 

Sophomore Year Experience


A community to engage in activities to promote academic success, career exploration, civic engagement and service, and leadership development specifically for sophomores.



Is designed to assist incoming transfer students in their transition to the SRU community.

L.E.A.F. (Living in an Environmentally Acceptable Fashion)


For students who are interested in environmental protection and sustainability and wish to support that cause by living in an environmentally responsible community.