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You get out of the LLC what you put into it.

Participation is not mandatory, but it is essential for a good experience!

Meeting new people and finding out what you have in common. This requires you to get out and get social! The CA will provide opportunities for you and your neighbors to get to know each other. The catch is, you have to get out of your room and attend the event!

Forming study groups with people in similar majors. The CA will let you know what majors the other people in your LLC have. Then it is up to you to try to connect with them. Attending the social events helps with this, and usually the students just take it from there!

Utilizing the project/study room and books/magazines/studio space. This space is for LLC students only, so make it your own! It is a special perk for living in the LLC, please be respectful of the space and keep it neat, clean, and be sure that the resources remain in the LLC rooms.

Attending events that relate to your major/interests (LLC Character Workshops) Workshops specific to your academic/interest area will be coordinated and presented in your residence hall. We typically bring in the “experts” to share their know-how!

Going on trips that relate to your major/interests (LLC Character Journey) Getting off campus can be refreshing, and you might even learn a thing or two while having fun…just be sure to sign up right away, space fills quickly!

Joining the LLC Ambassador Assembly. The Ambassadors are campus representatives of the LLCs. They help spread the word about all the good things the LLCs are up too, and also provide opportunities for the LLCs to interact with each other. It is a great way to get involved and build your resume! Applications are always being accepted: HERE

Joining Academic Related Clubs/Organizations. Getting involved is a great way to enhance what you are learning in classes with a social component. Again, a great resume builder!

Participating in Service Learning/Community Service. Ever heard of karma? What goes around comes around. Again it’s the whole “you get out of it, what you put into it” idea. It builds character while utilizing your abilities. Up ‘til 2 for St. Jude is the official philanthropy of the LLCs and a great way to get involved on campus!

Presenting at the Symposium for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity. This isn’t just for science majors, it is for anyone who has done a class project and wants to present it. GREAT experience and practice for the future!

Using the services of the career center, tutoring center, and/or your instructors and academic advisor. Asking for assistance requires strength of character. There are many great services that many students utilize and in fact, it can help give you the edge to get ahead!