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Residence Life 

 Current Student Housing Process Frequently Asked Questions 



 How do I sign up for on-campus housing to reserve a room?
  You must sign the agreement and pay the deposit (Phase 1), select roommates (Phase 2) and select a room type (Phase 3) by the given dates to live on-campus. To do so, log into MyHousing
 How do I log into MyHousing?

Go to: MyHousing

 How can I pay my deposit?
  Log into MyHousing
  • Click on Housing Application
  • Make sure to choose Fall 2014-15
  • Click on the button labeled Pay Housing Deposit
  • You will be directed to ROCKPay web site where you can pay your deposit by credit card or electronic check. Please COMPLETE the ROCKPay form to transmit your payment.
 What does my deposit pay towards?
  The $175 deposit is credited toward your housing cost for the spring semester of the academic year of the signed agreement.
 Where can I find information on the housing process?
  Everyone already living on campus will receive mail outs (to campus address and home address) and e-mails (to SRU e-mail) before and during the housing selection process. There are also banners in all of the residence halls, ads on the SRU-TV channel and web pages available telling when the different due dates are and in some cases a description for completing the phases of the process.
 Why is the housing process done so early?
  The housing process for current students starts in December because we want to give you the chance to reapply to live where you want on campus before we start to house new first year students.
 I missed the deadline for signing up for housing, what do I do?
  You can do one of two things: fill out a placement form or search for off-campus housing. The placement form puts you on a waiting list which does not guarantee we can offer you housing; it just means that if a room opens up and you are next on the list we will then contact you and tell you that you can then apply online via MyHousing. As always watch your SRU e-mail accounts for important e-mail messages from Residence Life.
 I did not get what I wanted and now do not want to live on campus, what can I do?
  Current Students: Once you make your $175 deposit you may cancel that up to and including March 30, 2014. You will forfeit your entire of that deposit, but will automatically be released. After March 30, 2014, you can apply to be released from your housing agreement with this form. This does NOT guarantee that you will be released; the Housing Release Committee reviews each release request and makes recommendations.
 What does "auto assign" mean?
  Auto assign means that even though you did not/ could not participate in phases 2 (roommate selection) and 3 (room selection) you will still have a room on campus. By signing the agreement and paying the deposit you are guaranteed a bed on campus. We will place you somewhere on campus and do the best we can to follow your preferences in doing so.
 Can I live on campus for only one semester?
  The Residence Hall Agreement is for the entire academic year (meaning Fall AND Spring). If you will not be a registered student on campus for the entire year, DO NOT SIGN AND ENTER INTO THIS AGREEMENT.
 How/when do I sign up for ROCK Apartments?
  The process for signing up for the ROCK apartments happens in late Fall. A group of 4 upper class students (has to be 4 exactly) can sign up by all 4 students in the group coming to the Office of Residence Life and manually signing an apartment agreement. The only part of this process completed online is the actual room selection. Notification is sent out on campus to upper class students through SRU e-mail before the process takes place.
 What is LLC (Living-Learning Community) and is it required?
  Living-Learning Communities are optional and offer the opportunity for over 900 residence hall students to live with other students who share similar academic, career, or personal interests.
 I am not in a Living-Learning Community (LLC) but my friend is, can I live with them?
  No you cannot live with a friend who is in a LLC if you have not applied and been accepted to that same LLC. If you want to still live with them, you can apply for that LLC (through MyHousing) and if accepted then request that person as a roommate.
 What does "does not match" mean?
  This means that not all roommates requested each other. For example, If three people all request each other but the fourth person does not, you will receive this message. To fix the problem, make sure all parties involved login to MyHousing and request every other person involved. In the example below Rocky Two did not choose the other 3 as his roommates. If he does not accept you as a roommate you will only see rooms for 3 people on room selection day because there are only 3 "matches" in your group.
 What if I do not have a roommate?
  You may post an ad on the Roommate wanted page. This is also where you can look to see others who may be in a similar situation. Hopefully you will be able to find someone to be part of your roommate group and then you can participate in Phase 3- Room Selection Process.
 What if I want to room with and incoming first year student?

If you want to live with an incoming freshman, you may submit your housing agreement and pay your housing deposit as indicated for all current students (before February 5). Once you have done this, please e-mail stating the name of the incoming freshman you would like to live with. Instead of participating in the Current Student Room selection process, your name will be put on a placement list and held until we receive the freshman student’s housing agreement, preference sheet and deposit (their preference sheet must indicate that they would like to room with you because all roommate requests must be mutual. Once it is time to make the assignment for the freshman student (based on first come first serve basis), you will be assigned with the freshman student you requested.

Things you should be aware of when requesting an incoming freshman student:

  • Freshman will most likely be assigned to a double style occupancy room – this means a Double or Triple room in the Traditional Halls OR a Double Studio OR Double Suite in the Residential Suites – therefore YOU will most likely be assigned to one of these rooms
  • Freshman are only allowed to make ONE roommate request – therefore, we can only make our best effort to accommodate the current student’s name that is indicated in the freshman’s preferences since roommate requests must be mutual.
  • If you or the freshman student you are requesting is applying for an LLC (Living-Learning Community) you must make sure that you BOTH apply for the same LLC and are approved in order for it to be honored. Roommate requests take precedence over all other requests.
 What if I want to room with and incoming transfer student?
  If you want to live with an incoming transfer student, you may submit your housing agreement and pay your housing deposit as indicated for all current students (before February 5). Once you have done this, please e-mail stating the name of the transfer student you would like to live with AND a time during the week of March 1 – 5 (between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm that you can meet to discuss your rooming options. You will not participate in any of the Room Selection Processes. At your meeting that first week of March, we will discuss what rooms are remaining, and place you (and your group) into a room, holding the space for the incoming transfer student. We will only hold this space until June 1, 2010 and then it will be released for general use. We must receive verification of admission and a placement form from the transfer student in order to be able to consider them for placement. If we have not received BOTH of these things by June 1, 2010, we will release the bed for general use. Residence Life cannot guarantee placement of transfer students.
 [Example] I have one roommate and want to get into a 4 person room OR I have 3 roommates and now want a 2 person room. How do I sign up for the room I want?
  To pick any room type you MUST have the proper amount of roommates. You need to log back in to MyHousing and delete/add the necessary roommates. If done properly the new room type you wish to view will show up if available when participating in phase 3 (room selection) of the housing selection process.
 Is there a difference between traditional halls and residential suites?
  There is a difference in room types and hall set up but we have done our best to make every convenience available at the suites also available in the traditional halls. You can view all the residence halls here. Besides cost, the biggest difference is the bathroom location.
 What is the difference between room types?
  Descriptions can be found at these two pages: Residential Suites, Traditional Halls and rates & fees.
 Are all the residence halls co-ed?
  Yes all residence halls are now co-ed which started in Fall 2008. Single gender floor sections are available in both the residential suites and traditional halls.
 What if I have a disability that requires a specific room type or location?
  If you have special circumstances that require attention you need to contact the Office for Students with Disabilities. We rely on that office to maintain and keep records and information on special needs.
 What if I want a single room but they are all taken already?

The single room selection process is based on first-come-first-serve and there are a limited number of single rooms available; however, we do have a number of single bedroom options. Click here to see 4 single suites, 2 single suites and 2 single studios. You can also participate in the next phases which includes selecting roommates and participate in the 4 person or 2 person room selection process.
 What if I cannot get the room type I want?
  Rooms are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you have signed an agreement and paid a deposit but do not choose a room we will auto-assign you at the end of the process to an available space.
 I signed the agreement and paid the deposit but did not get to pick a room on the room selection day, does that mean I have no housing now?
  By signing the agreement and paying the deposit you are guaranteed a bed on campus. At this point you will just be auto assigned to a room on campus.
**Failure to choose a room does not VOID your on campus living agreement- DO NOT SIGN an agreement with an off campus facility until you have been officially released from your housing agreement.
 Why was I unable to get the room type I selected in my preferences?
  When you fill out the preferences sheet you are telling us what you would prefer but filling it out does NOT guarantee that you will be assigned to that room type.
 I already selected a room but want a different one now, can I change? 
  NO you CANNOT log back into MyHousing and change your room assignment. What you CAN do is take advantage of the open room change period that we offer shortly after the start of the semester. This is your chance to move to an open bed somewhere else on campus without being charged. Notification will be sent out before the process starts (all done on MyHousing).
 How can I view my room assignment?
  Log into MyHousing to view your room assignment