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Residence Life 

 General Off-Campus Information 



The Office of Residence Life maintains a list of rental units for the purpose assisting students in finding off-campus housing. The listing of these off-campus facilities does not constitute approval, disapproval, nor recommendations on the part of Slippery Rock University. Slippery Rock University is NOT affiliated with any off-campus listings found here or elsewhere.

Housing Statement - Slippery Rock University

The university is concerned about student behavior off campus, if the behavior is in conflict with the educational objectives of the university.

When a student moves off campus, he should become aware of the complex structure of civility. With respect to housing, the University will not act in loco parentis, nor will it become involved in the collection of rents. When a student becomes involved in housing difficulties, the matter must be referred to local authorities such as the borough council, local police, Zoning & Codes Office, District Magistrate, etc. With the local police handling infractions of civil law and the university judicial system handling violations of university regulations, the experience of students residing off campus should be a meaningful and responsible experience which will educate students for everyday living outside the academic community.

Housing Alternatives

Slippery Rock University does have a residency requirement for freshman students. The University provides a structured living environment on campus, which provides worry-free maintenance, as well as professional staff who aid students in achieving social and educational goals. University-supervised residence halls are available to students desiring to live on campus.

The community, in off-campus housing, provides less-structured housing and more freedom in living styles. The University does not inspect or approve any off-campus housing. Housing within the borough of Slippery Rock should comply with the housing code for property maintenance of the (water, ventilation, heat, etc.). See the Digest of Slippery Rock Housing Code. The existence of the code does not assure that all housing complies with it. The continual, combined effort of tenants and landlords is necessary to maintain these standards. The housing code only applies to housing within the borough of Slippery Rock. It does not apply in Slippery Rock Township or other townships of Butler County. Any substantial dispute between the tenant and landlord, which involves the actual safety and health of the tenant, should be referred to the Health Department.

Housing List

The Residence Life maintains a list of off-campus housing for upper-class students. Any person having housing available for students within the Borough of Slippery Rock may list the housing by contacting the Residence Life or by requesting a listing form by mail.

Student may also list vacancies in apartments and rooms they are currently renting, but they must keep the Office of Housing and Residence Education informed of additions and deletions when they rent or vacate.

Discrimination in Housing

You should know some important information regarding housing discrimination. There is no law forbidding discrimination against students (as students). However, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, as well as University policy, protects your rights and forbids discrimination on the basis of race or color, sex, religious creed, ancestry or national origin, handicap or disability, or use of a guide dog due to blindness.

Detecting Discrimination

If a phone number is listed, telephone first and ask the following questions: Is the place still available? Is it available for immediate occupancy? Are the description and price correct? Are there any additional charges (security deposit, cleaning fee, parking charge, etc.)? Is a lease required? If so, for how long a period of time? Are there rules regarding pets, noise, children, number of people to share the place, etc? Are references required? An application form? Answers to these questions over the phone will provide a check on whether the landlord gives you the same information when you see him or her in person. If you think your race or nationality can be identified by your voice and it will be a hindrance in obtaining an apartment, have someone else make the call for you. Immediately following the telephone conversation, go to the apartment and ask to see it.

Checklist -if any of the following happen to you:

  • If you are told the apartment is not available and you have reason to believe it is...
  • You are not shown the apartment...
  • The price, deposits, restrictions, etc., seem unreasonable to you or different from the information received over the phone...
  • You feel you are being discriminated against in any way...

At any time during your research, you have doubts, questions or problems, or would like assistance of any kind - then come to the Office of Residence Life. We will be able to help you to explore the situation further and refer you to legal counsel if necessary.

As was mentioned earlier, it is not illegal to discriminate against students (as students) in housing matters and some landlords will do just that. You are not helpless in this type of situation, but the responsibility for avoiding such discrimination lies with you as a prospective tenant. Landlords choose not to rent to students for a variety of reasons, some of which you, as an individual, may be able to change. Renting an apartment is a financial transaction and a landlord, as a business person, must be assured that you will be able to fulfill your part of the agreement. Evidence that you can handle the financial responsibilities and deliver a significant security deposit will be reassuring. If you cannot produce such evidence, then the signature of a responsible co-signer may suffice. Another concern of the landlord may have to do with previous experiences with students whose behavior was disruptive and resulted in damage to his property and the community. The most effective way of dispelling such fears is to volunteer references from the previous satisfied landlords, employers, parents or teachers. Above all, present yourself as a responsible individual in both your appearance and attitude.