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Residence Life 

 General Room Selection (Phase 3)- Current Students 



Phase 1 Complete agreement and pay $175 advance deposit
Phase 2 Choose roommates
Phase 3 Choose your room


  • All roommate requests must match in order for your group to select a room on to be determined for a 4 person/3 person room OR to be determined for a 2 person room.
  • If you are planning on living in a suite, be sure you have talked about who will be in which bed/bedroom as this individual will be selecting the bedroom placements for the entire group.

Floor plans are available by clicking here


Phase 3 Room Selection Process


  • As the room selection goes along, there will be less and less rooms available of certain types, therefore, you may run in to the problem of having 4 people in your group but no rooms that hold 4 people, if this happens you may need to divide your group up. In order to do this, we have provided further instructions:
    • Talk with your group AS A WHOLE, decide who will room with whom. Remember, when you remove people as your roommate, they are informed of this through email.
    • When you have decided how your group will split up, you can log in to MyHousing at any time.
    • Move your mouse over Room Selection.
    • Choose Roommate Selection.
    • Click Remove, next to the roommates you want to remove. This will automatically send an e-mail to the student you have removed.
    • Everyone in your group will have to do this correctly in order for all of your roommate requests to match.
    • If the room type you are interested in is a 4 person room type, you will need to wait til the 2 person room selection date before you are able to log back in to choose a room with your “new group.”
  • Log in to MyHousing on Feb. 10 at common hour for a 4 person/ 3 person room OR Feb. 12, for a 2-person room beginning at common hour (12:30pm). If you are unable to get a 4 person/ 3 person room Regroup Requests for the 2 person room selection are Feb. 10-11.
    • Only one person from your group will need to log in – as long as all of your roommate requests “match” correctly.
  • Using the navigation bar on the left of the screen,move your mouse over room selection choose 'select a room/suite'.
  • Click Find Available Rooms
  • Select the room you want by clicking on Select Room or Select Suite next to the room you want.
  • If the room your group is choosing is a suite – you will be directed to a page where you will use the drop down boxes to choose who will be assigned to each bed. Make sure to assign each person one bed.
  • Once you are finished, click the Submit Room Selection button.
  • No Changes can be made after clicking the Submit Room Selection button.
  • An e-mail will be automatically sent to each member of your group telling them that a room has been chosen.
  • No one else in the group will need to log in – EVERY PERSON in your group will be “pulled in” to that room as long as all of your Matching Request Columns say “Match”

Nov 3 - Jan. 30 Agreement, Deposit ($175) & LLC due on 1/30/2015 (Phase 1)
Feb. 2 LLC Acceptance Notifications (Phase 1)
Feb. 3 Single Room Selection (both LLC and general) begins at Common Hour (12:30 pm)
Feb. 4 - 7 LLC Roommate Selection begins at 8 am
Feb. 5 - 7 LLC Room Selection begins at common hour (12:30pm)
Feb. 4 - 12 General Roommate Selection (Phase 2) begins at 8 am
Feb. 10 3 & 4 person (Res. Suites & Trad Halls) Room Selection begins at Common Hour (12:30pm)(Phase 3)
Feb. 10-11 Regroup roommate request to participate in 2 person room selection
Feb. 12 2 person (Res. Suites & Trad Halls) Room Selection begins at Common Hour (12:30pm)(Phase 3)
Feb. 13-20 Any student who completed an agreement and paid deposit but did not choose a room/roommate can now select a room on their own. Students do not need a roommate to select a room during this time.