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Residence Life 

 General Roommate Selection (Phase 2)- Current Students 




Phase 1 Complete agreement and pay $175 advance deposit
Phase 2 Choose roommates
Phase 3 Choose your room


  • In order to be eligible for this process you must have done Phase 1: Complete the online agreement and pay $175 advance deposit.
  • You and your intended roommate (s) must be current on campus students to participate.
  • You must be able to fill all beds in the room in order to be an active part of this selection process.
    • Therefore, if you are looking at a double room, you must select 1 and only 1 roommate. If you have not selected a roommate at all OR if you have more than 1 roommate, you will not be able to choose a double room.
Phase 2 Roommate Selection Process
  • Each eligible student who has completed an agreement application and has made the $175 advance deposit must log in to MyHousing beginning Feb 4-12 at 8am.
  • Using the navigation bar on the left of the screen, move your mouse over Room Selection, then choose  Roomate Selection
  • You now need to choose a student as a new Roommate Request. You must do this for each of your intended roommates.
    • REMEMBER – you must FILL THE ROOM you are intending to choose (EXAMPLE: If you want a 4SS/DSU – you must have 4 roommates total including yourself)
  • Enter your intended roommates’ student number or his/her first and last name into the form on the page, then, click Request Student as Roommate. Your intended roommates name will only appear if they have also completed an application and paid their $175.00 advance deposit.
  • Once you have chosen the number of roommates, including yourself, equal to the capacity of the type of room you are planning on living in, make sure their names are listed under Existing Roommate Requests before you log out
    • Under the Matching Requests column, if it says Does Not Match, this means that someone in your group has not yet chosen you as a roommate. If it says Matches, it means that you both have chosen each other as roommates. You may log in at a later date or time to make sure that all of your intended roommates have all chosen each other.
  • The system will automatically generate e-mails to your roommates when you add or remove them.
  • All roommate request must match in order for your group to select a room on Room Selection day.


  • As the room selection goes along, there will be less and less rooms available of certain types, therefore, you may run in to the problem of having 4 people in your group but no rooms that hold 4 people, if this happens you may need to divide your group up. In order to do this, we have provided further instructions:
    • Talk with your group AS A WHOLE, decide who will room with whom. Remember, when you remove people as your roommate, they are informed of this through email.
    • When you have decided how your group will split up, you can log in to MyHousing at any time.
    • Move your mouse over Room Selection.
    • Choose Roommate Selection.
    • Click Remove, next to the roommates you want to remove. This will automatically send an email to the student you have removed.
    • Everyone in your group will have to do this correctly in order for all of your roommate requests to match.
    • If the room type you are interested in is a 4 person room type, you will need to wait til the 2 person room selection date before you are able to log back in to choose a room with your “new group”

Nov 3 - Jan. 30 Agreement, Deposit ($175) & LLC due on 1/30/2015 (Phase 1)
Feb. 2 LLC Acceptance Notifications (Phase 1)
Feb. 3 Single Room Selection (both LLC and general) begins at Common Hour (12:30 pm)
Feb. 4 - 7 LLC Roommate Selection begins at 8 am
Feb. 5 - 7 LLC Room Selection begins at common hour (12:30pm)
Feb. 4 - 12 General Roommate Selection (Phase 2) begins at 8 am
Feb. 10 3 & 4 person (Res. Suites & Trad Halls) Room Selection begins at Common Hour (12:30pm)(Phase 3)
Feb. 10-11 Regroup roommate request to participate in 2 person room selection
Feb. 12 2 person (Res. Suites & Trad Halls) Room Selection begins at Common Hour (12:30pm)(Phase 3)
Feb. 13-20 Any student who completed an agreement and paid deposit but did not choose a room/roommate can now select a room on their own. Students do not need a roommate to select a room during this time.