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Residence Life 

 New Student Housing Process Frequently Asked Questions 




How do I log into MyHousing?

Go to MyHousing

If you are a current student:

  • For username type in your SRU user id (ex: abc1234)
  • For password type in your current/existing email password

If you are a new student:

  • For username type in your SRU user id (ex: abc1234)
  • Your SRU user id is the same as your email address (not including '').
  • If you still do not know what this is please call the Residence Life Office at (724)738-2082
  • For password type in your 6-digit birth date (ex: 012090)  How can I pay my deposit?

How can I pay my deposit?

  • Log into MyHousing
  • Click on Housing Application
  • Make sure to choose Fall application
  • Check the two boxes below I Agree, then click 'Submit Housing Agreement'. 
  • After you sign your houisng agreement, you will be directed to pay your deposit by credit card or electronic check. Please COMPLETE the form to transmit your payment.

What does my deposit pay towards?

 The $175 deposit is credited toward your housing cost for the spring semester of the academic year of the signed agreement.

Can my parents do the housing process for me?

 We strongly advise against parents completing any of the phases of the housing process for you. This is the same process you will need to do for the next few years and so it is best that you learn to do it for yourself. We cannot give out your information (your e-mail address and password) which makes the process complicated when you are not the one doing it. We feel it is important that as you start out on this new chapter of your life you begin to take initiatives for yourself. Sure you should talk to your parents about costs and get their input, but really who knows better than you what your preference are?

What is LLC (Living-Learning Community) and is it required?

Living-Learning Communities are optional and offer the opportunity for over 900 residence hall students to live with other students who share similar academic, career, or personal interests.

I am not in a Living-Learning Community (LLC) but my friend is, can I live with them?

No you cannot live with a friend who is in a LLC if you have not applied and been accepted to that same LLC. If you want to still live with them, you can apply for that LLC (through MyHousing) and if accepted then request that person as a roommate.

Can I change my roommate preference?

Yes- You may log into MyHousing and update your roommate preference.

My roommate preference's name is not showing on the drop down list. What do I do?

This means your roommate preference has not completed their online housing agreement yet or has been assigned to a room already. You should contact them and ask them to complete it quickly so it does not hold up your housing assignment.

What if I get a room assignment before my intended roommate turns in their housing agreement?

We can remove you from your assignment and wait for your roommate's agreement and deposit. once we have both we can reassign you together, but cannot guarantee it will be in the same building, or room type as what you had.

Is there a difference between traditional halls and residential suites?

There is a difference in room types and hall set up but we have done our best to make every convenience available at the suites also available in the traditional halls. You can view all the residence halls here. Besides cost, the biggest difference is the bathroom location.

What is the difference between room types?

Descriptions can be found at these pages: Residential Suites, Traditional Halls and rates & fees.

Are all the residence halls co-ed?

Yes all residence hall floors are now co-ed which started in Fall 2008. Single gender floor sections are available in both the residential suites and traditional halls. (NOT co-ed within rooms/suites) 

What if I have a disability that requires a specific room type or location?

If you have special circumstances that require attention you need to contact the office for Students with Disabilities. We rely on that office to maintain and keep records and information on special needs.

How can I view my room assignment?

Log into MyHousing to view your room assignment.