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 Frequently Asked Questions for Parents 



If my student is having problems with his/her roommate what should I do?
  The best thing you can do is listen to your student and offer support and positive suggestions. Encourage your student to discuss the issues with his/her roommate before making any assumptions. A simple misunderstanding or miscommunication is often times what leads to a roommate conflict. Encourage your student to complete or update the roommate norms agreement with their roommate. This is a time for you student and his/her roommate to discuss what they feel are acceptable norms or "rules" for the room. If your student tries to resolve the issue to no avail, encourage him/her to talk to their Community Assistant (CA). The CA is a peer who is trained in how to help resolve such issues. They will ask that your student and his/her roommate go through a mediation process, where both students are given the chance to discuss their concerns and an agreement is reached. A last resort is a room change, and a student can not be assigned a new room unless it is his/her choice and they follow the proper procedure.
If my student is having problems with his/her floor environment what should I do?
  Listen to your student and do your best to determine what the specific problem is. Encourage your student to address the issue themselves in an appropriate, considerate manner. Most students would rather their neighbor ask them to quiet down, for example, than their CA- especially if this is the first time the issue is being addressed. If your students's attempts aren't successful, encourage them to seek out the CA for assistance.
If my student is having a hard time in one of his/her classes, what should I do?
  Encourage your child to speak to his/her instructor. Typically, the instructor with not seek out a student that is having a difficult time- the instructor expects the student to take responsibility for their own success and approach the instructor on their own. Many times the instructor can offer suggestions relating to the course or they may be able to refer the student to other campus resources.
If my student is having academic difficulties in general what should I do?
  Support him/her by suggesting that they see their instructor, a tutor, their advisor or a counselor. There are many campus resources that can aid in your students's academic success, as there are many factors that may be affecting their academic progress. Many times students may not have the proper study skills needed to succeed in college, they may be stressed out and not eating healthy or exercising regularly, they may not be getting enough sleep, or they may be experiencing personal issues that are interfering with their academics. Asking questions and listening to your student may help you to determine which campus resources they should seek out.
If my student is having a hard time adjusting and making friends what should I do?
  Encourage them to try something different- attend hall activities, campus events and join a club/ organization/ athletic team. Challenge them to go outside of the "comfort zone." Part of the college experience is meeting new people and learning about new things, and not just while they are in the classroom.
If my student is having issues with his/her financial aid what should I do?
  Help your child find out what paperwork needs to be done, but encourage them to take care of the issue themselves. The internet is a great resource, as is the financial aid office on campus. Make sure to follow-up with them to see if they have completed the proper paperwork in a timely manner. For a calendar of important financial aid deadlines go to: Financial Aid Info for Parents
What about campus employment opportunities- what are the options
  If your child is eligible for work-study, there are many on-campus employment opportunities. the best way to find out about the opportunities is to check the bulletin board outside of the financial aid office, or to ask specific offices if they are looking for help. if your student is not eligible for work study, there are still many opportunities available, such as working with food services, working at the help desk, becoming a desk assistant or giving campus tours.
What if something needs fixed in my student's residence hall room?

There is a yellow service button on the phone provided in each residence hall room. your student just needs to press the button and when prompted to leave a message be sure to leave the room number and hall name, phone number and maintenance concern. If there is a common area maintenance concern, your student should inform his/her Community Assistant.

What is my student's mailing address?

A mailing address is provided for each resident. The mailing address should read:

Student's Name
Students Room Number and Residence Hall Name
Slippery Rock, PA 16057-1326
Suzy Snowflake
591 Residence Hall A

591 Residence Hall B

591 Residence Hall D

591 Residence Hall E

591 Residence Hall F

591 Watson Hall

591 North Hall

591 Rhoads Hall

Slippery Rock, PA 16057-1326