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Residence Life 

 Phase 2: New R.O.C.K. Apartment Applicants 




  • Phase 2 is for any new student to the rock apartments (not including incoming freshman for the 2014-2015 academic year).

·      In order to reserve an apartment, you must fill it – that means that you MUST have 4 students who are committed to signing an agreement.

·      Each group must consist of four students of the same gender

·      Each group must designate a contact person on the agreement application form. This contact person is the person Residence Life will contact regarding apartment issues.

·      Be sure each group member has completed his/her portion of the application

·      Each group will be required to develop a statement of agreement, the statement must include the following:

·      State that your group understands and agrees what they have read in the 2014-2015 Rock Apt agreement

·      State that your group understands that the agreement is for the entire 2014-2015 academic year

·       State that your group understands and agrees that if someone in the group is leaving for any of the following reasons: release from agreement, studying abroad, withdrawal, student teaching, transferring, suspensions, graduation, etc, that the remaining apartment mates will be responsible for finding a replacement within 15 days or for covering the entire cost of the apartment both fall and spring- 2014-2015

·       Once your statement has been created, you must have it typed up, and ALL 4 students in the group MUST sign their names, indicating their agreement to your group’s statement!

·      Each student in the group must submit a $250 utility deposit with the agreement application form. This deposit should be paid by check or money order.

·      All students applying to live in the ROCK Apartments must currently live on campus (i.e. Res Halls, Rock Apartments), or have never lived on campus (i.e. commute from home, transferred in this semester).