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Residence Life 

 R.O.C.K. Apartments Living Guide 



R.O.C.K. Apartments Facilities

Apartment Postings Recognized University departments and organizations sponsoring university events, services, and resources may post signs in University ROCK Apartments. Postings must be approved by the Office of Residence Life in Watson Hall. All postings must adhere to Slippery Rock University posting guidelines.

Equipment Games, athletic equipment, VCRs & DVD players, vacuum cleaners, and recreational equipment may be checked out at the ROCK Apartments office with your SRU ID. Equipment is purchased by the ROCK Apartments House Council and is intended for use within the building by residents only within the building.

Mailing Address A mailing address is provided for each resident. Your mailing address is:

  • Student Name
  • Room/Mailbox Number, ROCK Apartments
  • Slippery Rock University
  • Slippery Rock, PA. 16057

R.O.C.K. Apartments Desk Services   

The ROCK Apartment office offers many services to assist you. These include:

  • Apartment Lock Out-If you lock yourself out of your apartment see a staff member for a spare apartment key. You will be expected to provide a picture ID. At no time will any individual other than you be provided a key to your room. This includes: parents, boy/girlfriend, former roommate, etc.
  • Mail-Mail is delivered Monday – Distibution to resident mailboxes is during DA Desk Hours, 7:30pm - 11:30pm. Residents are expected to check their mail regularly and at least once per week.
  • Packages-Packages are delivered and distributed through the Campus Mail Room, located on Kiester Road. Students will be notified via their SRU email account when a package has been processed and is ready for pick up. Students need to read the notification carefully in order to know distribution hours.

Quiet Hours Policy

You are expected to observe reasonable quiet hours at all times. This includes inside/outside your apartment, public hallways, stairwells, and in the areas directly adjacent to the apartments.

Consideration of others is the primary responsibility of community living. The right of all residents is to sleep and study in their apartment at any time during their community living experience.

The following quiet hours policies are in effect for all ROCK Apartments:

  • Week Day Quiet Hours are: Sunday- Thursday 9:00pm-7:00am
  • Weekend Quiet Hours are: Friday & Saturday 10:00pm- 7:00am
  • Finals Week Quiet Hours begin: The Friday before finals at 10:00pm and end at building closing the following week. Noise should not be heard in the hallway or adjacent rooms with your door closed. Requests to be quiet must be responded to immediately and permanently.

Courtesy Hours are: During all other times, you are expected to manage the noise inside your room and in public areas to be courteous of others. Requests to be quiet must be responded to immediately. Residence Hall House Council may vote to adjust courtesy hours for specific programs or events that benefit the entire ROCK Apartment community. These events may include picnics, dances, concerts, et cetera.

Students having concerns about quiet/courtesy hours have the right to request assistance from a residence life staff member.

ROCK Apartment staff and students have the right to request that you close your room door so that a reasonable level of quiet may be maintained.

Quiet Hours Expectations

Slippery Rock University expects that as a ROCK Apartment student you will:

  • Keep all noise to a minimum so that other residents may sleep/study in their room during courtesy hours.
  • Use ear/headphones to listen to your personal stereo/TV so that you do not disturb others.
  • Never place speakers in your room window/doorway for the purpose of listening to music outside of your room.
  • Never have music/TV sound louder in the room than would be appropriate for a reasonable conversation, a knock at the door, or building alarm to be heard.
  • Never yell, shout, or talk from your room window to individuals outside the residence hall.
  • Never yell or shout down the hallway, in the bathrooms, or in public areas.

Alcohol/Drugs/Narcotics Policy

The possession, consumption, or serving of alcoholic beverages on the grounds of Slippery Rock University is prohibited.

If you are present in a room where alcohol or drugs/narcotics are present you may be considered to be in violation of University policy.

Any use of alcohol or illicit drugs on campus, which violates University policy will result in disciplinary and/or legal action.

Empty alcohol containers or narcotics paraphernalia are not permitted for decorative purposes.

The illegal use, possession or sale of drug paraphernalia, narcotics, marijuana, or any other legally controlled substance is prohibited in the ROCK Apartments and on the Slippery Rock University campus. The use of substances, which violate this law will result in disciplinary and/or legal action. Suspected drug or alcohol overdoses should be reported to the student Health Center immediately for evaluation.

If you are found to be in violation of the University alcohol and/or drug policy as a result of possession, intoxication, or disorderly conduct while under the influence, you may be referred to and/or required to participate in an Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Program. A monetary fee will be assessed for your participation in the program. You may also volunteer to attend the program. For more information, contact the Counseling Center at ext. 2034 or Graduate in Residence.

Fire & Tornado Safety


Follow the exit routes designated. Look up for exit signs.

  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building.

Notify staff or emergency personnel of anyone who may be missing.

  • Always exit the building for all drills and fires.

If you are in a room:

  • Feel your room door before opening it. If it is hot, DO NOT OPEN the door.
  • If the door is warm, place your body weight against the door before you open it. Open the door slowly and only enough to determine whether or not it is safe to pass through.

If it is safe to exit:

  • carry a towel with you and wear a coat and hard soled shoes.

If it is not safe to exit:

  • Closes the windows in the room to cut off the air supply. Open the drapes, shades or blinds.
  • Turn off all lights and appliances except overhead light.
  • Close all doors

Fire Evacuation

Fire safety and prevention is the responsibility of every student living in the residence hall. The following are violations of University policy and will result in criminal charges and/or University disciplinary action including immediate removal from the residence hall:

  • Interference with and/or failure to follow emergency evacuation policies during a drill or fire emergency
  • tampering with fire suppression, fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or exit signs when not reporting a fire and falsely reporting a fire
  • initiating or assisting in the initiation of a fire intentionally or accidentally
  • Blockage of doorways, windows, public hallways, stairwells, or areas
  • Interference or disruption of staff during a drill or fire emergency
  • failure to leave the building for an activated fire alarm

All fire drills an alarms will result in evacuation of the residence hall. Residents and their guests are responsible for immediately evacuating the building. Residence Life staff will direct students to the designated rally location for their residence hall. This location will be at lest 100 feet away from the building and off of the road or parking lot. Your assistance with an efficient evacuation will help to ensure everyone's safety and the speed at which emergency personnel can respond to a fire emergency.

Fire drills are scheduled twice (2) a semester for residence hall students. Fire drills are required by law and signs are posted. You are expected to participate in your residence hall fire drill.


  • When a tornado watch is issued, stay tuned to the TV or radio in the event that a warning is issued. Tornados move quickly and often there is little time to get to shelter.
  • Know your residence hall shelter locations before it it time to take shelter.
  • If you are away from your residence hall look for underground or basement shelter in steel framed or reinforced concrete buildings. If there is no time, proceed to an interior hallway or lowest floor possible.
  • Avoid flying debris
  • If you are on the road, drive away from the tornado. If there is no time to drive away, find an underground shelter or reinforced building.
  • Do not remain in a trailer or mobile home
  • Avoid auditoriums, gymnasiums or large, high and poorly supported roofs.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, and glass
  • Stay out of your car.

Tornado Sheltering

Tornado season begins March and ends in October. Although tornados are infrequent in western Pennsylvania, they do occur. Safety in the event of a tornado is the responsibility of all students living in the residence hall.

Tornado Watch Means that the conditions are right for a tornado to develop

Tornado Warning Means that a tornado has been sighted in the area

Tornado warnings are issued via local media, a siren on campus, or by residence life staff or University Police. When a tornado warning has been issued residents and their guests are expected to:

  • Proceed immediately to a designated shelter area. Shelter areas are designated in each residence hall by bright yellow "Severe weather Shelter" signs. A listing of the shelter areas for your residence hall is available in the main lobby or from residence life staff.
  • Residence life staff will direct you to remain in the shelter area until an all clear has been issued by the National Weather Service.

Clean & Safe Environment

Food Storage- Slippery Rock University is located adjacent to a wooded area. Therefore, from time to time insects, mice bats and other unwelcome wildlife will make their way into an apartment. Food and trash not properly stored welcome wildlife into the building. The university recommends the following for your protection:

  • Keep your room clean including emptying your trash cans daily and cleaning up spills as they occur
  • Keep all food sealed in airtight containers
  • Report all sightings of pests to your residence life staff

Sales & Solicitation- Sales and solicitation are not permitted in University residence halls. Report all persons to residence life staff immediately.

Unwelcome Phone Calls- Telephone solicitors frequently call ROCK Apartment students. We recommend the following:

  • Do not engage in conversations with anyone from whom you do not intend to purchase an item.
  • Never provide any personal information, account numbers, address, or credit card numbers to unsolicited callers. Instead, request a web site or business number that you can call at a later time and verify information about the company.
  •  Hang up on harassing or abusive phone calls. Record the caller ID information and report immediately to residence life staff and/or University Police.

Requests for Personal Information- Slippery Rock University does not provide student personal information to outside parties nor do members of the University or others associated with the University call you to request personal information such as your social security number.

Report Maintenance Needs- Reporting maintenance needs inside your room or suite is the responsibility of the room / suite mates. This is done through an online work order system. To place a work order:

  • Go to SRU Homepage
  • Click on "Living On Campus"
  • Click "Help & Repairs" Located on the right side of the page
  • Click "Facilities Work Orders"
  • User Name:     sruwo
  • Password:       sruwo
  • Complete ALL fields on the work order screen
  • click "Submit"

Work orders can also be submitted by phone, by calling 724-738-2678. Your work order has now been submitted. Work Orders are completed on a priority basis. If work has not been completed in a timely manner, DO NOT SUBMIT another work order. Call the WORK ORDER DESK 724-738-2678 to check on status or to make changes.

Apartment Condition Reports & Inspections

Room Condition Reports (RCR) when you move into your residence hall room, you are expected to complete a Room Condition Report. This report should be completed in detail to avoid charges for previous damages to your apartment. Any damage found in your room that was not noted on your RCR will be billed to you and/or your roommate(s) upon the first person checking out of the room.

Monthly Health & Safety Inspections Your apartment may be subject to entry and inspection by authorized members of the University staff for health and safety reasons. Your apartment will be inspected periodically during the academic year and upon your departure for the residence hall. Every effort will be made to give you twenty-four (24) hour notice as to the date and general time of inspections so that you may be present for the inspection. The University reserves the right to request the corrections to be made to your apartment when violations of policy and/or procedures are found. Safety inspections will be performed on a monthly basis in your apartment to ensure compliance with all safety policies and procedures. University staff may enter your apartment without you being present. If you wish to be present for inspections, it is your responsibility to make reasonable arrangements with the staff.

Health & Safety Policy

Items or conditions in ROCK Apartment rooms that pose a threat to the health and safety of the residents of that are illegal are strictly prohibited. Examples of these items include: open flames, extension cords, unsafe physical structures, unsafe electrical equipment, or items that hang over lighting. Also prohibited are road signs, milk crates, university or traffic signs (Pennsylvania State law prohibits the possession of these items by individual citizens and considers the possession of these items as theft). Please note the following

  • Extension cords-for your safety, only an authorized electric strip (surge protector type) may be used in your room.
  • Inappropriate Behavior-You may not be involved in running, yelling, jumping, jumping in elevators, or any type of inappropriate "horse play" in the residence halls. These activities are not permitted in the hallways and public areas. Examples of "horse play" would include, but are not limited to using sports equipment, a water gun, skateboards, scooters, roller-blades, bicycles, and wrestling. Violations may result in the prohibited equipment being confiscated by the residence life staff.
  • Window Screens-You should not remove your room window screen from your room's window, nor should you throw any items out of your room window including water.
  • Cleanliness- Room care and cleanliness is your responsibility. Your room should be kept clean and in good repair in order to meet all health and safety standards.
  • Beds & Lofts-With the exception of bunk beds and approved loft systems, the beds must remain on the floor. Beds may not be stacked on desks, chest of drawers, and/or on any other pieces of ROCK Apartment furniture. Your mattress may not be placed on the floor.
  • Decorating Your Room-Materials may not be attached or draped from the ceilings, doors, light fixtures, sprinkler pipes, sprinkler heads, and/or smoke detectors for any reason at any time. Items may only be attached to the metal strip provided in your room.
  • Closet Doors-Must remain in their tracks and hung properly. Closet doors may not be removed, stored, stacked or used for other purposes.

Construction of Lofts

Rented Lofts-lofts may be rented for the school year through the association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS). Information Regarding renting lofts is available here


Laundry rooms are provided in each ROCK Apartment building. Washers and Dryers are provided by the office of Residence Life and the Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS).

Washers and dryers are $1.50 per cycle.

Payment Options

  • Coin
  • Debit or Credit Cards

Problems with washers and dryers should be reported to Caldwell & Gregory by calling 800-927-9274 with the machine #. Requests for repairs and refunds are responded to as they are received.

As a courtesy to others, please post and out of order sign on any machine not working properly.

Responsible Computer Use

To provide you with the best service for your personal computer we recommend the following guidelines for responsible computing:

When using e-mail:

  • Pay attention to virus protection warnings regarding infected files or messages
  • If you do not recognize the sender or the message appears out of context, do not open it

When using the network:  

  • Close file-sharing programs
  • Turn off your computer when you are not using it
  • Do not share copyrighted materials over the internet
  • Avoid peak network hours when downloading legal files

If you experience problems with your internet connection contact ResNet  by calling 855-813-7015.

Anti-virus software can be a valuable tool in protecting your computer from a virus. McAffee Antivirus is available FREE to all SRU students and can be downloaded from

Spyware can be installed without your knowledge and is used to transmit personal information to another source. In addition to the personal security concerns spyware programs can deplete your computers resources. Anti-spyware software can assist in detecting and deterring spyware packages from being installed.

Critical updates or security patches will help to protect your computer from vulnerabilities such as backdoor ports, hackers, destruction of personal data, and preserve your computer’s resources. Additionally, these updates avoid problems such as your computer sending viruses, spam, personal data, etc. to others without your intent.

File sharing has a direct impact on the speed of the SRU network. The bandwidth available is adequate for high speed transfers when everyone is using a reasonable amount of bandwidth. Sharing of music and movie files slows down the network for everyone. The SRU network is closely monitored for illegal file-sharing. Violations may result in suspension of internet access, possible criminal charges, and University judicial action.

Avoiding Damage Charges

  • The resident(s) assigned to a room are responsible for any damages or disappearances of property to their room.. Damage or disappearance of university property may involve financial restitution and/or documentation of university policy.
  • The residents of the floor/building community are responsible for damages or disappearances of property from public areas including: hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, lounges, computer labs, and lobbies. Five dollars of each students $20.00 activity dues paid at the beginning of the year is used to pay for common area damages for which the responsible parties cannot be found. Damages incurred beyond the damage fund will be responsibility to floor/building residents for excessive or malicious acts.
  • Acts of vandalism, intentional destruction of property, and theft of University property are always reported to University Police and remain an open investigation until the individual(s) responsible are identified. The Office of Residence Life does request criminal charges, University disciplinary charges, and financial restitution for these acts.

At times, residents unintentionally cause a damage charge that is assessed. To avoid these charges residents should never:

  • Paint, stencil, write on walls, furniture, or other university property. "sticky-tack" or the metal hanging strips provided are the only items that should be used to hang items on the walls.
  • Hang items from sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, light fixtures, doorways, or ceilings.
  • Remove furniture from rooms or use room furniture for purposes other than those intended. This includes removing closet doors.
  • Sweep room debris into the hallway or leave room trash in hallways. Always remove trash to the designated bin for your hall.

Furniture, Storage & Thermostat

  • Each Apartment is provided a couch, 2 chairs, 2 end tables, a coffee table, dining table, and 4 chairs.
  • Each student room is provided with extra long twin beds, mattresses, desks and chairs, drawer space and wardrobes or closets.
  • All room furniture in the ROCK Apartment is the responsibility of the students occupying the room. Apartment furniture assigned to the room may not be removed, stored, or traded. Damage or removal of university furniture from your apartment is a violation of university policy and may result in disciplinary action and a possible criminal complaint.
  • The limited amount of space in the ROCK Apartment does not allow for storage of personal items or apartment furniture.
  • Bicycle storage is permitted in your room, in limited inside storage in some ROCK Apartments, and on bike racks outside your ROCK Apartment.
  • Storage in your room – the bicycle may not block the doorway or prevent safe evacuation from the room. Bikes may not be hung from walls, ceilings, or furniture unless you have a University installed bike rack
  • Storage in your hall – some ROCK Apartments provide limited bike storage in a locked or unlocked area outside. Please consult with your Desk Assistant for details about availability in your hall
  • Operating Your Thermostat: DO NOT TURN YOUR THERMOSTAT BELOW 65 DEGREES.
  • Do not leave windows open when a/c is on. Running air conditioning with windows open can result in excess condensation, cooling unit malfunction and flooding
  • If a/c or heat does not seem to be working turn switch on the thermostat to “OFF” wait 5 – 10 seconds and turn back on. If unit does not start call maintenance staff at x2678. After normal business hours (7:30 – 4:00 M-F), and weekends please notify the ROCK Apartment office

Frequently Used Phone Numbers (724-738-xxxx)

Office of Residence Life


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